Drink a Wine Before Its Time

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We normally talk tech in my live chat room. But, occasionally, we tend to talk of other things. One of those things happens to be fine wines. I enjoy a glass or two of wine at times… preferably a nice red wine. The problem with red wine is that you have to let them breathe… nearly an hour after opening! I want a shortcut. And, I love gadgets and gizmos! The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator works. I don’t have to wait any more after opening my bottle of wine prior to drinking it. It really does make a huge difference in the taste.

The aerators include a washable, no-drip stand… so there’s no mess on the table when you’re finished. All you do is hold the Vinturi Aerator over your wine glass, and pour your wine through it. It magically draws in and mixes the proper amount of air so that you get the best possible taste and smell out of each and every drop.

Even better… this thing comes with its own carrying case! Take it with you whenever you think you may have a glass of wine. You never know if it’s been properly aged or decanted.

I gotta thank my friends at ThinkGeek for sending this over to me to review. This is absolutely something I will never live without again!! Don’t forget that you can get a discount on anything you wish to buy from ThinkGeek, by using our coupons!

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