Magic Mouse Review

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I believe in magic. I also believe in Apple. Therefore, I had to buy the new Apple Magic Mouse. There is no scroll ball on this particular mouse, as there was on the Mighty Mouse. The entire surface of the Magic Mouse is touch-enabled. I like this a lot, as I had issues with the scroll ball getting stuck at times on my Mighty Mouse. I do have to say I was a Microsoft mouse users for many years, until Apple started shipping the Mighty Mouse – and now the Magic Mouse.

As with any Apple mouse, you can right click. Simply enable this by adding a click feature. With this Magic Mouse, you can even swipe or scroll with a flick of your finger, since the whole surface is literally touch-enabled. I wasn’t kidding about that.

This is a bluetooth mouse, which is nice. It connected fairly easily, and worked perfectly out of the box. I did receive one of these a couple of weeks ago, but it was a faulty device. Apple was great though, and sent me a replacement right away.

I can even use this mouse to zoom in, just like with any other mouse in OS X. All you have to do is hold down your Control button and scroll up to zoom in. Hold down Control and scroll down in order to zoom back out.

Keep in mind that the Magic Mouse works best with OS X Snow Leopard. It will work with other versions, but it’s not as smooth of an experience.

Maybe you want scrolling but don’t want swiping. Or two-button clicking instead of one. Whatever the case, Magic Mouse works the way you want it to work. All you do is go to the Magic Mouse preference pane in System Preferences to enable or disable features. It’s designed to fit comfortably in your hand whether you are right or left-handed. You can easily swap those left and right button preferences using System Preferences.

So what’s my verdict? I like the new Magic Mouse. However… I still like my Mighty Mouse, as well. I don’t know yet if I’ll use one or the other on a constant basis, or if I’ll switch between the two. What are your thoughts? Have you used the Magic Mouse yet? Do you love it – or hate it?

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15 thoughts on “Magic Mouse Review”

  1. so it’s not worth the money? i actually wanted to buy a magic mouse but i am also afraid of the little things that happen involuntarily when I slide my finger across it

  2. I have both and prefer the magic mouse. When using
    my mighty mouse at the office I find myself longing for the simplicity of and magic of the latest mouse.

  3. I have always discarded the Mighty Mouse. Never was happy with its performance. Although the Logitech MX mice never had OSX friendly software, the hardware was great: ergonomic and performed well. After playing with the Magic Mouse, however, I am tempted to leave the Logitech playground for Apple’s pastures.

  4. It’s good unless your hands are sweaty, then you just stick to it and drag it around. It could be a little taller, I don’t know what Steve’s deal with “slim” is. You liked the Mighty Mouse? I tried to like it but couldn’t, but the Magic Mouse is good.

  5. Can you right and left click at the same time though? MMOs like World of Warcraft & “WAR!” use both left & right buttons held down simultaneously to run forward. If you can’t do this, you’ll be holding down the keyboard equivalent, W, while stretching to get to the other buttons to do what you gotta do in combat. This is one area where so far Apple mice have let us down, with their mono-shell & rocker switch design. I’m very loathe to spend £50 on a mouse that I can’t use for the main thing I do on my Mac.

  6. I’ve heard that the magic mouse’s design may be an issue with extended usage (in terms of ergonomics). There seems to be a lack of palm support. Does that seem to be the case?

  7. I, too, am Apple and Magic obsessed so I lined up for the Magic Mouse. It took weeks before I could get my hands on one. But eventually I did (and made many friends at the 14th Street Apple store in the process).
    My verdict: not at all sure. I miss the added features of the Mighty Mouse. Like third middle click that exposes all my windows and the two buttons on the side that produces the great active applications bar. So I was at a loss.
    Then I found MouseWizard as an optional download and all of a sudden the Magic Mouse becomes Magic. You can add additional features to it and that really has made all the difference.
    BUT – like you – I still grab the Mighty one every now and again. Just coz it feels a little more comfortable and stable.
    And I still have issues with the bluetooth and the mouse itself is a little temperamental.
    Would I recommend the Magic Mouse? Probably not.

  8. Like so many – I ordered the mighty mouse on pre-release so I would have it the day it was released… I’m afraid that after rather mixed feelings with Vista and the time it took to release Windows 7 drove me to buy a mac and, like so many others, I think it will be hard to be lured back.
    Pairing the mouse with my iMac was simple – but initial use did not leave me overwhelmed.. Sure, It is better than the mighty-mouse (the little trackball having become less reliable over time (or justneeding a clean if I can work out how to.. But not amazing.. Then suddenly I got this notification about an update for the mouse. I downloaded it and WOW – it came to life! browsing back and forwards through internet pages, zooming etc. I adore it! Yes, it is only a mouse but I will never use the older mighty-mouse or my logitech or Microsoft ones again. Only downside is I have found the battery life is not so good so I should remember to turn it off (it does have a switch on it for this,) wen I shut down. But it is a clear improvement on any mouse I have used. Had no sweat-problems as described in an earlier post. Maybe a little thin for my initial liking (with man-szed hands) but you get used to this so quickly. My advice – get it!

  9. Get the free app Better Touch Tool. It turns the Magic Mouse into a Miracle! Really adds to the capabilities of the mouse.

  10. Feeling a little underwhelmed also and my swiping has not been going very well, as I’m moving the mouse itself instead of swiping.

    Can I throw out a question? Does the Magic Mouse offer any advantages for games?


  11. I’m new to the Mac. One of the major reasons I purchased my Macbook Pro was because of trackpad. I have a long history of hating trackpads because my thumbs would end up tapping the surface and I’d loose whole paragraphs of text I was typing.

    I tried a magic mouse today, and I loved it! The size is just fine, I was screaming through pdf’s, and websites. It was very responsive and worked well in Excel.

    The scrolling was very comfortable, and the right / left click was very intuitive.

    If anyone hates their magic mouse, and want to donate it to a good cause, please let me know. I’d gladly take this wonderful mouse any time / any day.


  12. Recently bought my first iMac and must say I like it but I`m not as impressed as i thought I would be specially over the mouse. It has been hyped and sure it looks good on the desk but it doesn´t really fit good in my hand and like former posters said I´m just moving the mouse when I want to swipe page. I´m having a hard time right clicking and I think the speed settings for it is way to slow even on max. Plus I do miss the side buttons!! I like the mouse but I´m still considering using my old logitech.

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