My First PDA – Sharp Wizard

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My first PDA was an old Sharp Wizard which carried 64k of data! It was over $300 back in the day, and was considered to be a high-end model. I could add things to my calendar and keep track of what I had to do. My calendar from 1989 is still intact even! I added memos and contact lists, since there was no such thing as an iPhone. It doesn’t have a Qwerty layout, which was confusing as heck. This was literally state-of-the-art back in the late ’80s. Can you even believe that?

I relied on this a lot back in high school and even college. I used it to track assignments. Heck, I admit it… I even used the translator in Spanish class! It did have the ability to hook up to a computer using a cable and software. However, it was a pain in the butt, and not really worth doing.

So, let’s hear it. What was your first PDA? Do you even remember? Do you still have it?

If you tell me your first was something like the iPhone, I think I’m going to cry.

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13 thoughts on “My First PDA – Sharp Wizard”

  1. My first real one was a Casio branded PPC. I loved the crap out of that thing, I think it had Windows CE 3.0 or something the like back in 2000 or so. MP3 players sucked ace back then and its nice little CF slot made it great for the 10 mile bike ride to work (Radio Shack at the time).

  2. Palm V – and I’ve managed to transfer my contacts all the way along. To my Sidekick, to a motorola device and eventually to my a 1st gen iPhone and to my current 3gs!

  3. Oh gosh! My first was a Symbian Palm device that had a barcode scanner at the top… My great uncle actually worked for Symbian and “hooked me up” with that “cool” device. From that I went to an old black an white Palm to the Palm Zire 31 (I beleive) and now I got myslef an iPod Touch.

    Dang we’ve come a long way…

  4. My first at least had a qwerty KB
    it was a Psion 3 (1991 or 2)
    Great little machine….
    had they added a phine circuit, and a color screen
    it would still be state of the art…..

    I miss it

  5. Hello,

    I think you meant that your Sharp Wizard had 64KB?

    I’ve had a lot of PDAs over the years. Some of the ones I dimly remember are a Casio Zoomer, an HP 95LX, a Palm Pilot 1000, a Poquet PC and a Psion Series 5mx, in addition to many other Palm OS and Window CE devices.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  6. Palm Pilot Professional with a whopping 1 mb of RAM, running Palm OS 2.0, it ran on two AAA batteries, I paid around $200 for it and it still works.

  7. i got a couple things…
    you made a typo at the first line of your post:
    in the video you said 64kb… you typed 64mb
    My first PDA was a newer sharp wizard
    it had 128 mb of data holding
    it was a basic touch screen
    it was almost state of the art when i got it for around $40
    it died, and the batteries it uses aren’t made anymore… ๐Ÿ™

  8. My first was also a Sharp organizer. The ZQ-770PC or 0Z / Wizard as Americans like to call it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cost ยฃ79 and I thought it was great.
    Can’t find any of the old sites/forums I used to visit though ๐Ÿ™

  9. I have the same 64 K wizard I just found! Wow! What memories. It really was “The thing” in “THE Day!”

    Thought about getting it working again. But if the calendar only goes to 2009, probably won’t pursue it.

    Thanks for bringing that memory alive!

  10. My first electronic organizer was sold by Sharper Image as I recall, it was not very well made, and I cannot recall the Name – It was no large company I do recall that.
    Then Came a Casio BOSS – then the Sharp Wizzards, including the one you mentioned.
    Then Palm’s and Dell Axims and HP Ipaq’s.
    Then came Windows Moblie Cell Phones

    A side point – I am using a 8G iPod Touch 4th gen now as a PDA

  11. My first PDA was the Casio PB-1000; a mini-programmable device that you had to program using a simplified version of BASIC. I’ve tried finding one to add to my museum collection of PDAs, but have not been successful. I still have a Sharp Wizard 1500 I think is the model-haven’t looked at it in a while, but it’s the one with the largest keyboard ever. I like that keyboard very much, and wish all PDAs had keyboards that size I don’t like any of the PDA phones on market at all today (well, Android is the exception). I skipped the BBs and iPhones altogether. I need a device whose keys and typefaces I can actually see without using magnifying equipment. Galaxy is the next addition – and because it’s Android, I won’t have to go to China or Livermore (Ca.) to find software for it.

  12. Oh yeah! I remember buying my first one and it was about $279 at a store called Fedco. I loved that thing. it was a real treat. it’s funny, though, I think 200 or 300 for an IPhone is outrageous! When i saw the gal fooling with it on Sex and the City (which I just happened to flip past), I felt redeemed. Everyone made fun of me and my fascination with the Wizard. Now everyone is talking to each other across the room with IPhones an and all those gadgets. Unfortunately when i brought it to Radio Shack, the guy looking at it snapped the screen and then denied doing so….I still have my Wizard. i was a techno-geek big time. And oh the stories I could tell…how my then husband stole it to see if I was cheating on him…I wasn’t. How i locked myself out with a password that i’ve never recovered. THanks for the memories.

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