What do You Want for the Holidays?

If you could choose any one Geeky gift this holiday season, what would it be? Money is no object. Let’s just close our eyes, and pretend that someone out there has very deep pockets, and wants to buy us each the gift of our dreams. How do you narrow down your list? Do you know what you’d want? Is it possible to choose just one thing?

For me, I honestly couldn’t choose. There are a lot of Geeky things I want. Many of them are expensive, which is why I don’t already own them! Even if I were rich, I still couldn’t afford to keep myself happy with all of the gadgets, gizmos, devices and toys that are out there for sale. Places like ThinkGeek taunt me with all of the cool stuff they have. How could I ever decide?!

It seems a lot of you are getting into the holiday spirit. I came across several posts on our sites today revolving around Thanksgiving and even Christmas. It put me in such a holiday mood that I turned on some Christmas music earlier, and let it play over my live stream. I listened to it and hummed along as I caught up on everything going on in our community.

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3 thoughts on “What do You Want for the Holidays?”

  1. I’m used to being a few years behind technologically, so it would be difficult for me to choose also. And my choices encompass a wide range of useful items from a new Droid phone, a laptop or netbook for school, a decent digital camera and video software, But it’s really easier than that for me, because my young son’s PlayStation was stolen last year, so I’d want a gaming system for him.. XBOX or Wii, with a set of Lego Games (Star Wars is his favorite right now) and Rockband with instruments for everyone.
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

  2. I would like a 7 bay Thecus 7700 server along with 7, 2tb wd black internal drives. I am 68 & have never opened the back of any computer. I currently own & use 3, 4tb wd external drives & a 8tb wd sharespace server. I utilize the storage for the hundreds of thousands digital pictures which I have as well as for the digital pictures I continue to take, primarily birds&other animals & family. Raw+jpeg on my Pentax K7 & K20 take up a great deal of space.I have shot over 70gb in a day prior to editing into Tiff. I am telling you this to have you realize that older people do use&buy DSLR cameras & computes. My current computer is a 2.8gh i7 with Vista Ultimate 32bit. I will eventually upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I already have 8gb of memory. I will have to do research to determine if this Thecus server will connect to my computer. My 8tb wd serves had to be connected via a router as Windows would not recognize the rj45 connection when I plugged it directly into my computer which is a white box model. If I find out I can connect this to my computer, I will probably purchase this server & several internal drives by the summer of 2010 around the time of my 50th high school reunion. I may be checking out your colomn for recomendations for a good quality router. My current one is long in the tooth & its four openings are filled. I have actually been reading your column for several years though not regularly. This time you made the mistake of having a place for me to respond. I normally spend several thound dollars a year on tech/camera products but my 3 primary tvs are still analog though I do have a 20″lcd alongside my 24″ computer monitor. My next large electron purchase will be an epson v700 monitor. I love my Microtek i900 but they are down to a lawyers office in the USA. I might be able to update the drivers but the Epson will simply be more up to date & I was pleasantly suprised to find drivers for my epson 2450 on their site. Why people dread changing computers. Doubt if you will read this far but I like to type. Taught myself via a workbook in the summer of 1956 using a typewriter which was probably older than me. Keep up your good work. Incidentally the best author I have ever read is William Faulkner & my current must read author is Vincent Flynn though he is certainly no literary giant. Politically I tend to agree with his literary creation Mitch Rapp.

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