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If you have a blog, you have a theme. Chances are, you downloaded a theme off the web somewhere. It’s okay that you don’t know how to code your own customized theme from scratch! Very few people are capable of doing this. You want your blog to say “YOU”, but you don’t want to pay a designer a ton of money to accomplish this. It’s a good thing Artisteer now makes it simple for you to create and customize your own WordPress theme with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Everything and anything you can think of that you might want to tweak in your layout can be done easily with Artisteer in just a few seconds. You don’t have to try to learn HTML or even CSS. All you have to be able to do is click your mouse buttons, and decide what look is right for you.

Move your gadgets to a different side. Change up your text with different colors and fonts. Heck, change the header or background image while you’re at it. Don’t like what you’re seeing? Psh! Just click a button and start completely over. It really is that easy.

Best of all, Artisteer doesn’t only work on WordPress. Create designs for web pages, Blogger Blogs, or make professional Joomla! and Drupal templates.

Artisteer is probably my favorite new discovery in a long time. I’m having so much fun that I’ve now created probably 30 different themes, just by playing around. The only limitation to this program is your own imagination. So… get creative!

[awsbullet:wordpress theme]

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8 thoughts on “Create Your Own WordPress Themes”

  1. Wow! I use WicketPixie right now (and love it) but I did a survey with my readers and they are finding things a bit crunched up. They are asking for something wider and with a great deal of pain I attempted to widen WicketPixie. No success there due to lack of time, but this suggestion is promising.

    Thanks for the share!

  2. This sounds really awesome and after checking out the site I come to realise that I won’t be able to use this lovely software quite yet as they haven’t released a version for Linux. I’ll keep it in mind and keep checking out the site to see if and when they do.

    This reminds me of those editors people use on their myspace pages and so fourth.

  3. Howdy,
    I watched your video @ YouTube and checked out the Artisteer website, but there’s no Mac version available for download (yet) 🙁
    Do you know when the Mac version will be downloadable by the public?

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