Do You Want a Google Car?

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Yes, I was driving in my car at night. I had two hands on the wheel, and four eyes on the road. I do think and drive, though! Do you?

Google is everywhere. One place it is not is in a car. Yes, you could bring an Android device into the car with you to make use of the turn-by-turn voice-controlled navigation. I predict that within three years, we will see Google cars on the road. You may even consider not buying a new car unless it’s powered by Google at some point.

Let’s face it. If you go online and look for something – where do you go? You go to Google. You look for maps. You go shopping. You search for things. It just makes sense. Maybe it’s just something I personally want to see, given that every built-in navigation system that I’ve used are nothing more than a kluge. They’re a pain in the ass, they’re ugly and cumbersome. Google Android is more powerful, for sure. If I’d want something in my car, and could choose for myself… I’d want this.

They have everything wrapped up. It’s all coming together on the desktop – calendars, maps, search, navigation… everything you need. Now it needs to come together in your car! The great thing is that they’re just giving it away. Car manufacturers can decide if they want to spend thousands of dollars to purchase nav systems that don’t even work well… or get the Google stuff for free!

Would you be willing to put up with well-placed ads in your navigation system in exchange for something that works – and works very well?

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