10 Things to Do in Reno, Nevada

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It’s been awhile since I posted one of these travel tips videos. The response was so overwhelming that I couldn’t possibly record a video on all of the emails you sent! However, keep your eyes on my blog. I’ll be posting those there (one per day!) so that we can share your hometown with the World! This particular set of must-see places was sent in by David Beck.

  • Visit a Casino. – Everyone loves to try their luck at gambling, and Reno is a great place to do that. There are tons of casinos here, offering everything from slots to Blackjack.
  • Go Skiing. – There are more ski resorts within an hour’s drive than there are near any other US city.
  • Check out a Special Event or Festival. – Reno has an event going on almost every month. From Hot August Nights to Street Vibrations to Balloon Races, there is always something to check out.
  • Visit Lake Tahoe. – Only 45 minutes from Reno is the beautiful Lake Tahoe where you can hang out on a variety of beaches and participate in any number of water activities.
  • Visit Virginia City. – Just an hour from Reno is the mining town of Virginia City where you can visit old mines, ride the train or just shop the small stores. Visiting Virginia City is like taking a step back in time.
  • Visit a Museum. – There are more than 30 museums in Reno. You’ll find the Museum of Art, the Reno Children’s Discovery Museum, and even the National Automobile Museum here.
  • Take a Ride Down the River. – The Truckee River is absolutely gorgeous. You can grab a boat tour, or even take off on a rafting adventure!
  • Get Married! – If you just can’t wait to devote the rest of your life to someone, come down to Reno and get hitched without any waiting period. Marriage licensee are offered from 8 AM to midnight at the county courthouse.
  • Check out Circus Circus! – This isn’t just a hotel and casino. You’ll find an entire floor dedicated to arcade games! Circus Circus literally offers something for everyone – fun for all ages.
  • Visit the SkyDome. – Located in downtown Reno, the SkyDome has a small museum dedicated to space and science, as well as a domed theater that is always playing something interesting.

Thanks to David for sending these travel tips in. I’ve never been to Reno yet, but perhaps I will be able to check some of these places out one day.

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