Who Loves Windows Vista?

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During a recent live call, Charles nearly knocked me out of my chair when he proclaimed that he LOVES Windows Vista. I was honestly shocked, especially since the calls were supposed to be about Windows 7. Charles stated emphatically that he never had issues with Vista, and that it actually just worked for him. He fully admits that he may be the only person in his entire town – or state! – who feels this way. We did, of course, end up discussing his views on Windows 7, and about Microsoft in general.

I feel that Windows Vista was, of course, one of the worst things to happen to Microsoft. Also, of course, the iPhone was bad for Microsoft, as well. The iPhone has been probably the most sought-after gadget in recent years, which only enhances Microsoft’s lackluster products. Even people at Microsoft have admitted that Vista wasnt’ fully baked, so how was the public supposed to like it?

Charles actually liked the fact that there were five different versions of Vista. He didn’t want to pay for features he wasn’t interested in. However, I don’t feel that languages should have been part of any type of upgrade, such as in the Ultimate edition. It should be built right in to the operating system as a core component!! Having so many different versions of one operating system creates confusion amongst the public, at least in my opinion. People who don’t know better automatically assume that they need the best they can afford, whether they truly need those additional features or not. That’s just not always the case. Often, they end up having paid for things that they never end up using.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel Microsoft is consumer-friendly, and that there should be many different versions of each Windows release? Or are you thinking what I’m thinking…

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30 thoughts on “Who Loves Windows Vista?”

  1. I never had any problems with vista… All of my components were compatable, and fast enough to support it…

    works just the same as windows 7… same ammount of ram usage, and performance..

    I have to say… I tried vista for a week, and switched back to XP… remembered how much I hated XP, and switched back in like an hour..

  2. I think there only needs to be one version of Windows. As for being consumer friendly, product activation and having multiple versions all over the place isn’t exactly what I call consumer friendly.

    Two editions was okay, but now it’s just gotten messy, and there was a time when there was only one version of Windows.

  3. I think only two versions are necessary. A professional and Home edition to be specific. I work in IT and even I was confused when Vista first came out.

  4. Vista had been maligned by too many ‘analysts’ and the echo chamber of the tech media drowned out any thoughts to the contrary.

    And Charles is correct in stating that it is a good thing to have multiple versions. This is no different than having the choice between a base, SE, EX, LE, GT version of a car. To say that consumers are too uneducated to be able to properly choose the version that applies to them says more about the owner of that opinion than it does about consumers.

    Too many armchair pundits like to throw around lightly reasoned opinions as facts with regards to the various versions of Windows but in reality they simply display their lack of understanding marketing.

  5. I’m thinking what you’re thinking, as usual. Who likes vista? Who liked the Edsel? ………………………….(idiots).

  6. Use Linux, it is simpler nicer… No neeed to pay for those fancy things that are half-baked anyway…

  7. My thoughts are that there should be more than one version, but many less than currently offered. Home, Business, and Server versions would be self-expanitory, and really cut down on confusion.

    The current offering has caused a lot of problems with upgrade paths, I have heard of about 10 people that have purchased Win 7 just to find that they cannot upgrade from what they have (home to pro, etc) or upgrade without reloading everything (XP). A smaller range of choices would help many people choose correctly.

  8. Vista worked for me. Of course it took way more CPU and memory than XP.
    I had to upgrade Quicken and Adobe Pro as both are notorius for not following programming guidelines.
    I upgraded AutoCAD LT at the same time, maybe the 2004 version would not have worked.
    Sims2 worked for my daughter. I replaced the Nvidia 7300 (built-in) with an Nvidia 8800 card to make Sims2 work the best.

    Maybe I don’t run enough other programs to be a good example.

  9. Hey, Vista worked for me Chris but I’m not saying that I love it but it works for me.

    Is it really fair to compare iPhone and Vista? they are in separate markets right? iPhone and Windows Mobile maybe but Vista?

  10. I agree the different versions in Windows Vista is confusing and I also agree that Microsoft should just build one version like Mac OS and make it good.

    It is natural that users are seeing more problems with Windows thats because Windows is used by more than 90% of computers out there so lots of people tinkering with it finding problems and issues with it. If Mac OS is the dominant OS I think Apple will be seeing the same problems Microsoft has.

    Hackers are more fond of Windows than Mac because not many people will get to experience their work it wouldn’t make much buzz than the leading OS.

  11. I never had a problem with Vista either. It wasn’t spit polished as it should had been. but it wasn’t as terrible as everyone claimed it was to me. It worked and that’s what I needed. I admit Windows 7 is a BIG step up though. I think everyone forgot how bad XP was at launch.

  12. I love Windows Vista too, your not alone.
    I never had a problem with it, it ran quick and flowed just fine. I picked up vista at the SP1 stage. I love the visual styles released for it, and the default theme looks very professional IMO

  13. Vista? That would be a no for me. I figured out on my own how to eliminate the side bar and castrate the UAC. But I have yet to get the sleeo mode to work. I still have to shut it completely down, and start all over again–a time consuming process that I want to do without. Any suggestions out there? Leaving it on it just makes HD racket (presumably running things) and the screen goes on and off when it feels like it. My computer is in my bedroom, and I don’t intend to put in the living room and throw it on the couch. I’d rather pick the balcony because that’s an inanimate object, despite some of us geeks feel about our computers.

  14. I’ve had Vista Home Premium on my new laptop since November 2007. The original problems with Vista were solved before I bought my Vista laptop and were fixed by pushes to my system when I bought it , so I never had to deal with those issues. Vista SP1 and SP2 took care of the rest of the problems. While I don’t have the Windows 7 upgrades, I feel I can wait for those, as my laptop runs well.

  15. – Windows 7 does not boot up in 0.2 sec – so it is the same old stuff.
    – With MS Ballmer’s poor path of Vista and now a ‘Lack Luster’ OS in Windows 7 – I see a potential fading of MS into the dust.

    Slow responding software – it is so passe.

  16. Windows Vista is a good operating system, i have had 0 problems, and the OS was perfect, why people hated it is beyound me, this is probly because their old XP computer’s sucked. Because u run windows vista on any computer right now
    with 2GB’s of ram and a pentium 4+ or any dual core, and it’s not any slower then snow leopard.

  17. If I can’t shut the shit down, iI’s shit. If it walks like a duck, if it looks like a duck, if it swims like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. So it be Microsoft, whatever it’s “flavor.”I don’t care, nor have much patience. Gee, why am I not surprised? Why should you be? Why the hell should I go through flaming hoops that dogs go trough just to shut the shit off, or turn it on? Not flying on my watch, no matter what the “techies”‘ say. “A pig is a pig , and that’s it.’ Wendy- O Williams ( any one remember her? Way extra “brownie points” for those that do.)..

  18. It’s that not it. “Wendy O williams,” I don’t want to miss quote her that would be a REAL travesty.

  19. I don’t think it’s possible to have an unbiast opinion of vista anymore. There are just too many people saying it sucked. And no one wants to be the odd one out by saying it was good. By the way, I’ve been using it for over 3 years and have had no problems with it.

  20. I think vista and 7, and everthing else should just have 2 versions- Ultimate and Server. Nice and easy right? I also think that an OS should only need 1gb of RAM to run fairly, and 2gb to run at peak speed. To run at max it needs 4-8gb of RAM. What’s your opinion?

    Personally, I like Ubuntu and Mac, hate Vista, XP was OK. Haven’t really tried 7 yet. Oh and I think Windows 7 should be called Vista Realoaded. 🙂

  21. Hey I love Vista, because it ‘give’s us people who know how to do stuff like exploits, and so on a New Chance to try new stuff find knew ways to make the OS, Betta Crack programs for it and so on 🙂

  22. I’ve personally never had any problems with vista either, I know there where some backwards comparability issues early own that where mostly resolved, but like the saying goes you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

    As far as MS being consumer friendly and having multiple versions of their OS, I think most companies offer premium or enhanced versions of their base product, I dont see this as being a problem. The average person could probably accomplish all the regular computer based task they needed to using a net book but that dosen’t stop them from going out and buying a MAC or some other high priced computer.

    Regardless of what they need I think a lot of people end up buying what they want. I seriously doubt people who are cost conscious, people who don’t spend a lot of time using a computer, and people who don’t know the difference between the different versions of an OS are going to spend the extra money on a premium version. Unless when you say afford you mean people to whom a couple hundred dollars is a non factor.

  23. I made comments earlier about Vista, that once the upgrades have been installed, it works fine.

    Linux is not for most people, unless they’re already very familiar with the Unix or BSD commands (grep, awk, ls, and so forth) and are comfortable with them.

    The average computer user wants to use their computer without using the command line. Apple went to great lengths to hide the BSD command line from the user for a reason; command lines frighten the non-technical computer user. Microsoft hides the CMD box in its operating systems for the same reason.

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