What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?

Over on Geeks today, people have been talking about what they’d do if they suddenly won a million dollars. It’s funny to read the answers, and touching as well. Many people would donate to charities, which I would do more of myself if I won that kind of money. I’d also invest plenty of it, in order to retire at an early age!

But we all know me, and we all know that I would be going on a massive Geeky shopping spree! There’s so many gadgets and USB gizmos out there that I don’t have yet!! Don’t lie – you know you’d be buying some, as well. So come on… tell us… what would you do if you had a cool million in your bank account?

I had a look through what’s new at our downloads site today. Holy cow there are some excellent pieces of software. Did you realize you can find everything from games to productivity software… for your Windows machine, your Mac AND your phone?

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5 thoughts on “What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?”

  1. Buy the world’s best computers, make my own, use the money to learn stuff (take courses) buy a new sexy house, start a business and invest. 😀 then save up.

  2. I think I would update you my stuff to the latest technology then save the rest.

    Chris, you must have a million dollars?!
    With all the private and social work you do!


  3. i would buy the ultimate macbook pro with maxed out every thing (i have never had a mac:()
    i hope i get one soon tho 😛

  4. Depending on how much I netted, first I’d pay back my sister who has supported me off/on over the past 30 yrs, and give some to my other siblings for their children’s future. Next I would give a significant amount to food pantries so that they could afford to buy the food from local food banks in order to provide those in need with basic food items. Next I would donate towards animal/wildlife rescue organizations as I love animals. If regulations didn’t prohibit it, I’d help fund my local animal shelter so that it could afford to become a “no kill” site. What little i had left would be put into savings for my retirement.

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