Are There Any Drawbacks to Being a Geek?

My mouth hit the floor when I read the title of this thread earlier on Geeks. A drawback to being a Geek – what?! Are you kidding me? Being a Geek is the best possible thing to be. We have it all – brains, looks, girls… what more could we want? The looks, well, just because they are funny looks at times means nothing. It’s just part of the total package that makes us so amazingly perfect, right? And the girls – ahhh, the girls – we all know that Geek boys get all the girls, right? Wait, what? You have trouble finding a girlfriend? Well, perhaps if you showered more often, and stopped being so nervous around the fairer sex. Fine. The looks and the girls may be lacking. But we have the brains! And the brains get us the money! And the money gets us more Geeky gadgets! Who needs girls, anyway?

Ok, time to get serious here, my fellow Geeks. Do you actually feel there are drawbacks to being a Geek? I’m interested in hearing your answers. For me – life is good when you’re a Geek. I’m comfortable with who, what and how I am… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I know that not everyone would agree, so let’s have it.

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8 thoughts on “Are There Any Drawbacks to Being a Geek?”

  1. I believe there is no drawback to being a geek. I think we are the best type of human being there is. The smartest and the richest, we keep society going.

  2. I agree with Craighton.. Sometimes I’m not interested in anything other than a technological discussion. I’m completely oblivious when it comes to current events or pop culture.

  3. I agree with David, I keep fixing things for my family for free but i enjoy it. And about the girls, there are plenty of good looking and inteligent girls which appreciate geeks. In my experience what works best is being yourself and be confident that you can get the girl you want.

  4. I love being a GEEK, but , Looks are sometimes necessary, here i mean personality, otherwise where do i have any sense of fashion.
    I support geeks at all costs,
    let me also tell you that looks are not always important, we have the most powerful mind among the human race.
    I don’t know anything about geek girls and i never met any geeky girl in my life personally.

    GEEKS ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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