What Technology of Today Will be Obsolete Tomorrow?

Earlier on Geeks, I read a thread someone had started asking what basic technology that we use today will not even be around in the future. The author lists such things as the keyboard and mouse, a land-line telephone, public Wi-Fi, and even operating systems! Wait, what? You don’t think operating systems will be around in the future? Well, you could be right, actually. With more and more computing being done in the Cloud, that’s something we may yet see in our lifetimes.

What pieces of everyday tech do you feel will become obsolete in the near future – or at least during your lifetime? It’ll be interesting to see everyone’s lists and reasoning, and to compare our thoughts. You can leave a follow-up comment here, or reply directing in the thread on Geeks.

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6 thoughts on “What Technology of Today Will be Obsolete Tomorrow?”

  1. I guess CD’s & external hardisks since we have better connections to have a virtualdrive. Like Dropbox or Ubuntu One.

  2. Blu-ray, Definately.

    Curiously, DVD will hang on a bit longer only because it is the mass market product that Blu-ray will never be.

  3. We’ll always have the corkscrew and the bottle opener. Tin openers too. Those things will never go away!

  4. Well throughout time with computer and being a self taught technician for hardware for the last 20 years. I do agree with you to some point that the computer will change through the years. Eventually keyboards and mouses might disappear from the computer itself or be changed for something else in it place. But I will disagree with you on this is the Operating System that still needs to be running on computer. And we are aloud agree to disagree on things like this. But personally. I think even if it is a diskless system. (Where there is no floppy drives or hard drive to load the operating system.) You still need to load something from either a EEPROM chip or being sent through some kind of Network adapter connection in order to use the physical hardware that you have that represents the actual computer that you are using. Whether it is a windows base, Mac OSX base, or a Linux varient based Operating system. You still need something to use the hardware with in order to get what you pay for on the computer itself.

    I still enjoy showing some of the older technologies like the good old 8 inch, 5.25 and 2.5 inch diskettes that are around and were widely popular since the very beginning when computers had these available from the 80’s on up.

    Then going from Dot-matrix to using inkjest and laserjets for the replacement of the dotmatrix. I still use on occasion the good old floppy via USB when absolutely essentiial to restore the master boot record when windows or Linux cannot install properly on the primary master boot record.

  5. I think it would be blueray and DVD and external hard drive. Hope computer will stay for the longer period of time with us !!!

  6. I am thinking physical media will die out along with DVD’s and Bluray. with all of the streaming going on these days and the digital age taking over, it will be all stored via servers and flash drive storage.

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