Happy Howloween

Happy Howloween

Wicket and Pixie hate this time of year. They’ve decided to join the Army!

Wicket has dreams of becoming a First Class Poop Trooper. Pixie wants to go on an Afghan Hound peacekeeping mission. Together, they’ll stage the furriest military coup ever seen!

What’s wrong with having a little costume fun every Halloween? The Star Wars stunt has been seen on television shows the world over. They


5 thoughts on “Happy Howloween”

  1. Thought they were dressed in their howloween costumes.

    Oh!!!!!!!!! I missed the “Parade Rest” state

  2. Very cute Chris. I dress up my dogs every Halloween then print up flyers and send them out in my Halloween cards. People look forward to what the dogs will be every year. If you want to check them out yourself take a look at http://tinyurl.com/ydl2z49

    Happy Halloween!


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