Comments on: What Will the Internet Look Like in Ten Years? Geek Culture & Tech Expert: How Can I Help You Today? Wed, 25 Nov 2015 01:28:28 +0000 hourly 1 By: Shawn duckett Sat, 09 Jan 2010 01:56:02 +0000 Ok. In answer to your question, ‘what will the Internet look like in ten years?’

here’s my idea, and even though it is what I think would be cool, it’s at the same time what I do not like about the direction our society is heading.

My generation, I’m now 35 born in the 70s, and the one coming behind me are are increasingly lazy, to be blunt, and impatient.

Already we can’t wait untill we get home to make a phone call or surf the net, we now text and have cell phones with the web on them. In the coming years the web will become so mobile it will no longer be confined to computer screens, or any screen at all.

By combining a few technologies already available today: OLED data glasses, wireless data networks, GPS, increasingly sensitive digital compass, RFID, and augmented reality.

So Here it is all put together. The simple augmented reality apps showing gps data points will become the new roadside bilboard ads, the advertising targeted specifically for the viewer(no more google ads in the middle of a web page) even in the mall, very minority report, but without a retina scanner, the ads in the Windows won’t need to be printed. The data will be downloaded and displayed for each user. Saving the store hundreds of dollars in print and design costs. ( here’s why it will be so overwhelmingly addopted)

the print industry will cease to exist as we know it. The rumors of apples talks to put magazines online are just the forerunner. Even the cost of a specific device like a rumored apple tablet will be obsolete.

Newspapers and magazines will look different. Without the glasses on they will look blank, but for a barcode our glasses read to tell what page you are on the the relative perspective.

Put the glasses on and live 3d graphics and copy are displayed where the paper is.

Now integrate the web 3.0 social networking into the mix.

As you walk down the street someone walking in the opposite direction will have a tough ballon above their head in 3d space stating,”hav’n a gr8 day” the tweets we all have today will appear above your head for others to view. Or you may see a rain cloud following someone.

Now if we can display graphics above someone in space, why not replace the person completely?

Second life will now jump off the computer, as you look around 3d avatars replace their users in your glasses. People are now able to interact with other avatars ogres and elves all walking around with real people.

This effect will be accomplished with special clothing with RFID tags in them that tell other users what to display. Talk about the emperors new clothes. People today spend real money for fake clothes to dress their avatars with. Why not buy a shirt in real life that when viewed through web3.0 looks like any shirt you want?

Video games will take place in real life. Groups of kids looking like military through the glasses will be running through the streets having simulated battles, or finding hidden objects placed in gps locations throughout the city by the game developer.

Why do I look foreward to this future with mixed feelings? Because I am troubled that our society is so bored with reality that when given the chance they will loose themselves in this fake one.

Eventually the glasses will be obsolete. Already today ocular implants are being developed. People now spend thousands of dollars getting nose jobs and face lifts. They will have no problem getting implants that insert them permanently into the web.

Those who choose not to be ‘plugged in’ will not be able to read books, they will only be viewable online, or even a road sign.

So that’s my idea. I would love to hear what you think of it. I have considered patenting some of the ideas. But I don’t know how