Google Seattle

I was invited to tour Google’s new Kirkland campus this morning (which, if you didn’t already know, is in the Seattle area).

Google Kirkland - Seattle Logo

It was interesting to see where some of our favorite Google tools are actively developed.

Google Kirkland - Chrome Domokun

That being said, I was most impressed with Google’s cafeteria. Specifically, the section naming conventions.

Google Kirkland - the FooBar

They’re serving up giggles and nibbles, yo!

Google Kirkland - OmNomNom

This company is all about the geek…

Google Kirkland - sudo cafe

…all the way down to a LEGO’ed logo.

Google Kirkland - LEGO Google Seattle Logo

4 thoughts on “Google Seattle”

  1. Growing up in the Seattle area, in my wee-geek years.. I’m happy to say that this makes me proud of my upbringing. What an awesome way to emphasize the two great things (Seattle and geek).

    Thanks for posting this!

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