Amber Case – Prosthetic Culture

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Amber Case is a Cyborg Anthropologist and New Media Consultant from Portland, Oregon. Amber’s interests include real-time analytics, data visualization, and how marketing works in online ecosystems. She founded CyborgCamp, an unconference on the future of humans and technology.

Amber spoke about the strangeness of humans and our prosthetic culture. From the externalization of our brains to the machine, to human/machine interfaces, to the blurring boundaries of public and private spaces, to the quick progression of our relationship with humans and computers — to the strange fact that we externalize our fashion with exchangeable clothing. How our prosthetic devices make us sexy or not (vehicles, cell phones) and determine the speed at which we can live/accomplish goals.

From the traditional prosthetics like the fake legs which amputees wear, to the prosthetization of our own tasks with virtual assistants and the 4 hour work week, to the idea that cell phones make give us superpowers — the ability to hear MEGA-distances by extending our ears across the ocean. And finally, omnipresence and omniscience through social networking sites.

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