Best Buy and Windows 7

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With the advent of Windows 7 going public, I opened the phone lines up. People called in to talk about anything and everything related to Windows 7. Danny Minick is a long-time member of our community, and now apparently has a new job working at his local Best Buy. During this particular call, I asked him what the buzz is around the store.

Danny says that at work the other night, several people were bashing Linux openly. There was a link given to Microsoft, some employee learning site. Apparently, there were slides and everything on there, openly dissing Linux and slagging it. I wondered why no one spoke up, with Microsoft’s claim that IE won’t run on Linux. It’s not true… and I hope all of you know that.

Danny uses OS X primarily, so I wasn’t sure if he used Windows 7. He says that he is, indeed, running Windows 7 under VMWare Fusion on his Macbook.

I reminded Danny that he can pick up my Windows 7 eBook, and any of the others that I’ve done, as well. I also reminded him (and all of you!) to keep an eye on my Coupons page for discounts on the new version of VMWare Fusion when it hits the stores.

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2 thoughts on “Best Buy and Windows 7”

  1. I was at my local Best Buy last week. There was this cool desktop PC for about $450. A bunch of us were around it. One lady wanted to pick it up right then, and was told by the sales clerk that she would literally loose her job if she sold it before the 23rd. The customer got upset and I calmed her down, by explaining that it wasn’t her or Best Buy it was Microsoft that was the culprit and that is one of many reasons people just go to Apple. So the sales clerk ,the customer and a half dozen others trotted over to the Apple dept. No one bit stating “the price of a Mac was ridiculous.” When the lady returned to the computer we were all interested in I said “What is to stop you from paying for it advance and then picking it up on the 23rd.” The swales clerk proceeded to do just that and so did the rest of the half dozen. I basically pre sold their inventory of that particular computer, so obviously I along with others would not be able to get it on the 23rd. (I’m in no hurry.) I made friends of those customers, but I doubt Best Buy will be feeling warm and fuzzy for me when all the pissed off customers come in for a computer that was pre sold by one customer, me. I better order mine online.

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