Windows 7 Thoughts

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I took several live calls the other night, talking to people about Windows 7. Mitchell was one of the callers. He absolutely loves Windows 7. He’s been a Windows user for many years, and never did like Vista. He started using Windows 7 with the very first build, and is now using the RTM via his TechNet subscription.

Although he never upgrade his own machines to Vista, he did use it on other computers. He hated it from the get-go, and refused to upgrade until something better was released. That something is obviously Windows 7 as far as he’s concerned.

In Mitchell’s mind – and my own – upgrading from XP to Windows 7 is an excellent idea. Mitchell feels that the upgrade is best because of the Windows Explorer. He’s very happy with that. He felt it was too confusing in Vista. With Windows 7, it’s easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 7 yet, what are you waiting for? Remember, if you’re needing some tips and help, you can check out my Windows 7 eBook, available for only $7.00!

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One thought on “Windows 7 Thoughts”

  1. I hate win 7. Got it via msdn-aa for 19 usd. Waste of my $$$. So far, I find sleep issues with the rtm build, audio issue after sleep, 6 BSOD, to many system event issues. Norton 360 craps out sometimes, and trackpad scroll no longer works (no win 7 driver for it). Also mocrosft movie make has issues with win 7 (go figure a miscrosft product not working on a microsoft OS).

    Also, recovering computer from sleep or hibernation rendered ATI graphic card issues and painted my screen with many white lines across the login screen. Windows 7 has to many bugs.

    Trying to report thes bugs via win 7 customer support cost over 100 usd.

    Screw you microsoft for another useless crap.

    I give it 1 month before people hat win 7.

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