What Role Do Blogs Play in Your Life?

Even if you’re not a blogger yourself, chances are you read a few of them. It seems like everyone is blogging these days, including my mom on occasion (so ok, maybe not recently). Heck, even when you aren’t intending to read a blog, you may end up doing so after following a link from a search engine when you’re looking for something specific. Let’s face it – blogs are everywhere.

Obviously, blogging is a central part of my life. The work I do here plays a large part in not only my work life, but my personal one, as well. I like to think I’ve found a good balance between the two, and try to keep them as “equal” as possible here on my site. My friend Robert Scoble is the same way. If you go through his blog, you’ll see that he also has managed to balance life/work/family, and wrap it all nicely into his blog.

To me, that’s the way a blog should be. I’ve seen people who have several different blogs. They may post work-related things to one, personal to another, and social things to yet another. Where’s the sense in that? Why can you not post everything in one central place? Both Robert and I – along with many, MANY others, have managed to do so. If you have more than one blog, why do you? I would like to hear from some of you “multi-bloggers”, and hear your reasons as to why you do things the way you do. Understand that I’m not putting down the way you do things. I honestly feel that maybe I am missing something, and not seeing the whole picture.

In any case, blogs are important. They can be a source of information. They can keep you current on what’s hot – and what’s not. They can give you different viewpoints on matters that you may not have otherwise thought of. And, they can make you laugh. So, I ask you…

How do reading blogs impact your life? For the blogs you go back to time and again, what attracts you? Is it the content itself, or the author’s writing style? Are you gaining information, educating yourself, or just having a good laugh? What types of blogs do you subscribe to – and how many of them?

Our Lockergnome community is devoted entirely to bloggers, with topics ranging from IT to Dogs – and everything you can think of in between. Over on Geeks, we have a large number of bloggers, as well. How many of these people are you taking the time to follow? If you aren’t checking them out, you’re missing out.

I have a team of people working hard every day to bring you updates on all of your favorite programs and apps, and let you know about the best new ones available. Keep your eyes on what’s new every day, so that you don’t miss out on anything!

6 thoughts on “What Role Do Blogs Play in Your Life?”

  1. Right now, my blog is pretty much a place where I just dump my thoughts. Maybe a bit of organization would make it less random to read. However, I do have fun when I occasionally go back and see things that I don’t even remember writing about.

  2. Well, blogs help keep me up to date politically, technologically, and help me find deals quickly and easily. They also help entertain me (via comics, funny/odd picture sites, etc.)

    I’ve just started a blog for homeowners in my townhouse community in an effort to help stem acts the Board is taking that I feel are detrimental to the Association (scary thing is, I’m President, but apparently am not in the majority).

    As to the “vanity” blog, where folks write about themselves or their thoughts – most of those seem to die eventual deaths due to the amount of work needed to keep them up to date and interesting… Kudos to those that are able to keep them going. Yeah, they might just about themselves, but it can be really interesting reading about how that person approached the things in their life. I doubt I could pull it off.

  3. You know, this post comes at a very interesting time for me. Back in 2002 I started a website for myself that just had a picture on it of me so I could say I had a website. Next I started putting up videos as my own form of YouTube. Next came blogging which was a young Twitter in my eyes just to keep my parents and family informed while I was at college. Now that I have been blogging for a few years at http://www.owensdomain.com, it is starting to turn into a mix of personal, technology, web 2.0 and work related posts.

    I just recently sat down to think what “direction” I wanted to take my blogging in. Should I keep it personal and start a new blog devoted to my technology encounters? Should I keep it all in one and deal with it being crowded?

    The conclusion I came to was “so what if it is a mashup of my life, that’s what it is supposed to be”. The more thought I put into it and research I’ve done on other successful blogs, as long as you’re sincerely interested in what you’re writing about and convey that to your readers to get them equally as interested, it doesn’t matter what you write about and where you write about it but more that you’re writing, period.

  4. Great post, as usual. Blogging is a great communication platform. It helps me express myself. It looks like it might be something people may be interested in.

  5. No doubt about it that blogs indeed play a big role. From marketing point of view they are so much important. When ever i get some free time i always read good and informative blogs and i think this is the best way to spend time on web.

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