Comments on: 2010 Toyota Prius V Car Review Geek Culture & Tech Expert: How Can I Help You Today? Wed, 25 Nov 2015 01:28:28 +0000 hourly 1 By: Wendy Tue, 10 Nov 2009 11:24:12 +0000 I too have a new Prius. It drives nice. I too have a couple of problems. The spoiler indeed is nasty, certainly at night. I never had such a small rear window.

Next, I am a tall women: 6’6″ (1,96). The driver’s seat can be adjusted in height and although the margin is small, it is just enough for me to sit. When my partner drives and I’m in the passenger’s seat, there’s not enough headroom. The seat can’t be adjusted. I have to adjust the back, so I’ll lean a bit back, which is uncomfortable for long stretches.

Very irritating is the speed difference between real speed and what is on the display. The display shows a speed that is 9% higher than the actual speed. So instead of 131 km/h, I’m actually driving 120 km/h. Instead of 20 kms per liter, I’m actually getting a mere 18 kms per liter. And I consider that fraud. The dealer tells me that all cars have that (nonsense!) and that it can’t be adjusted (ridiculous).

It’s a nice car, but I rather would have a hybrid Citroen Xsara Picasso (my previous car was a Picasso and I really loved it). But Citroen does nothing with hybrid cars. I love the space inside the Picasso. The Prius is very small compared to the Picasso. Very very small.

By: Jeff hubert Sun, 18 Oct 2009 08:07:32 +0000 Hey Chris thanks for your review. You convinced me that a new 2010 prius was the way to go for my wife. I drive a 2009 VW Jetta TDI clean diesel. It’s a great car with lots of power and great gas mileage but I like the prius better. We got the base model and love it. Up here in Canada the version you have is over $40,000. Ouch!

By: The Geek Sat, 17 Oct 2009 01:33:37 +0000 My grandparents have a Prius. Wish I could get one……………….They do agree with “It makes you think about how you drive” with the environment status thing… that shows your energy thing. But I like the new design of it. I look for them, but I don’t live in a big city like Seattle, but I’ve seen a few around. Although my grandparents didn’t get the tech package I still think that it would make a good addition to the car.

By: Sanford Berman Fri, 09 Oct 2009 20:40:59 +0000 I bought my 2010 Prius (without the bells and whistles that Chris has), and enjoy driving it. However, there is, in my opinion, one major drawback; rear view visibility. There is a problem with blind spots due to the styling of the body, but it is relatively minor. (On my old 1998 Corolla I was able to arrange the mirrors so I had literally no blind spots). A much more serious problem is the restricted rear visibility due to the spoiler. It not only is difficult to get used to, I noticed a particular phenomenon: When driving at night, if any given vehicle is at a particular distance behind you, you may not even see the vehicle as the spoiler blocks its headlights and there is insufficient ambient light to reveal the whole car. In my opinion this could be a significant problem. You must check out the rear view on a relatively frequent basis at night.

Another annoyance is the lower part of the dashboard console, where the heating system, and other, controls are located. The LCD displays are sometimes difficult to read because of inadequate contrast. Also, if that part of the console was angled more in the direction of the driver, it would be alot easier to see the readouts.

Another thing I noticed is that the Prius is harder riding and slightly less comfortable than my “old” Corolla.

All that having been said, it is a truly great car and I always look forward to driving it. I am continuously fascinated by the psychological effect the instrument displays have on my; I am constantly monitoring my driving performance for maximum economy.

I do not understand how anybody can get 100 mpg though. It would require that most of the trip be made going downhill. Also, the EV (electric) mode has several limitations to it, including not just a speed limit of about 20 mph maximum, but its programming is sometimes unpredictable, turning the EV mode off for no apparent reason. Just yesterday, I made a 200 mile round trip, mostly by far, on the Interstate, and averaged “only” 54 mpg. My average speed was approximately 60-65 mph. If I drove any slower I would have been holding up traffic.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the car and wouldn’t change it for anything. But “perfect” it’s not; it has its weakness just like everything else.

BTW, I spoke to a Toyota dealer about the problems with the spoiler. He told me that the spoiler adds to the streamlining and efficiency of the car to increase its economy. However, I would love to know just how much increase that amounts to, and is it worth the loss of visibility.

By: Harry Dean Fri, 09 Oct 2009 14:05:20 +0000 I thought about a hybrid when I was shopping for a new car, but bought a VW Jetta diesel station wagon instead. I was concerned with the price of the car and with the life and cost of the batteries in the hybrids, so the diesel seemed to be a better fit. It averages about 40MPG, has plenty of room, power to spare and cost several thousand less than a Prius. We have put about 3000 miles on it in the last 6 weeks and really love it. This is a new diesel engine which is quieter than you would expect and there is no smoke like most people expect from diesels.

By: Len Thu, 08 Oct 2009 21:52:41 +0000 Fuel tank is 11.9 gallons.


By: Tom B Thu, 08 Oct 2009 16:23:14 +0000 Chris,
You can minimize the blind spots in your Prius (or any other car) by appropriately adjusting your side mirrors. There are a myriad of web sites that describe it, here are a few:

By: Jana Thu, 08 Oct 2009 15:36:25 +0000 I, too, agree that the blind spots are an issue that need to be addressed.

One more thing….I think that the fact that this car makes no sound can make it a danger to pedestrians. I have had a couple of occasions where a pedestrian stepped off a curb right in my path because they didn’t hear me coming. Even though I had the right of way, if I hadn’t been watching, it could have been a bad situation!

Otherwise, it is a wonderful vehicle and I wouldn’t trade it for the moon!