uBoard Review

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I do have a lot of desk space, but it’s still not enough. I could always build up if I wanted to, by adding shelves. This would allow me to put things on, under and around the shelving. What type of shelves would I use? I’m glad you asked! The uBoard is not just any old shelf, sitting there doing nothing. It’s an amazing addition to my work space!

Not only can the uBoard help keep your desk organized, it gives you a three-port USB hub! We never have enough USB ports around as Geeks, do we? I know I don’t. You’ll also find a cup holder/notepad holder on the other side of this handy little shelf.

The uBoard is thin and lightweight, and will easily go with your office decor – no matter what style or colors you’ve chosen. You can place your laptop on the shelf, and put your keyboard underneath. You can use your uBoard for any number of things – all of which can help free up your space, and keep you more organized.

I know my uBoard will stay on my desk, and be put to good use. How will you use your uBoard?

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