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You wanna learn? Cool. I wanna teach. Each one of my eBooks is available in PDF – no DRM!

By the way, I’m using these guys to host my eBooks shopping cart. I’ll be writing more in the near future, depending largely on demand – and given the amount of questions I get asked on a daily basis, I’d say the demand is pretty darn high. So, why would you wanna buy one of my eBooks?

  • Each one of them will be quick and easy to read
  • You’ll save yourself time, energy, and money
  • The PDF files can be viewed just about anywhere
  • There are no DRM restrictions involved
  • You’re doing your part to support the community
  • You’re looking to gain a little extra knowledge
  • Refunds actually become donations to charity
  • If just one tip helps you, isn’t it worth doing?

Let me know what other knowledge I might be able to impart?

7 thoughts on “My eBooks”

  1. Please do one on your Top Mac Tips!

    I’d buy that in a second! (But, I know you had all the other ones already written, so, you probably don’t have time to do a Mac one. But, if you do… It would be awesome!)

  2. The ‘Add to Cart’ links for Windows 7, and Windows are the same… So it’s just adding normal Windows guide.

  3. Chris,

    I just signed up fpr and sent my first tweet, as you requested, in order to get the 50% off coupon. That was over an hour ago, but since I’ve nevet twitted, or tweeted, or twittered, or whatever, before, I don’t know if I did it right and I just have to be patient, or if I did something wrong, never to be heard from again.
    Bottom line: Is there any way you could send me the coupon by Email, just in case?


  4. Trying to buy the “50 Screencast Tips” always adds a “140 Productivity Tips by Seth David & Chris Pirillo” item to my shopping cart. That is not the eBook that I want to buy!

  5. Tried to Order 100 PC Secuiry Tips; Paid by PayPal; Where/How do I download the PDF from your site. Need this ASAP.

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