Bre Pettis – Personal Manufacturing: The Robots That Sharing Built

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Bre Pettis is a founder of Makerbot, a company that produces robots that make things. Bre is also a founder of NYCResistor, a hacker collective in Brooklyn. Besides being a TV host and Video Podcast producer, he’s created new media for Etsy, hosted Make: Magazine’s Weekend Projects podcast, and has been a schoolteacher, artist, and puppeteer. Bre is passionate about invention, innovation, and all things DIY.

MakerBot is an affordable open-source 3D printer. It makes nearly anything you can dream up, up to 4″ x 4″ x 6″. MakerBots print with ABS plastic. MakerBot is a derivative of the RepRap project. Bre and his team’s goals are similar: to build cheap, open-source 3D printers. CupCake is their pride and joy – a CNC machine that they can’t get enough of working with.

With CupCake, they wanted to focus on making a printer that was cheap, reliable and easy to use. RepRap has a stronger focus on self-replication, which is distracting when all you want is a machine that just plain works. Bre believes in self-replication, and looks forward to the day when it becomes reliable enough to form the basis of his machines.

During his Gnomedex appearance, Bre used his MakerBot to build several things, including a little Darth Vader head. I seriously have to have one of those to add to my collection! It’s possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. I think I need a robot to build anything my mind can dream up – don’t you?

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