Free Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

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What would you call a guy with OCD in need of OCR? I guess you’d call him Chris Pirillo, since I do occasionally have a need to use Optical Character Recognition. OCR is software that can take a graphic and turn it into text. For instance, I have an email that I printed out. If I scan it into my computer, it’s going to be an image. But by using OCR, I can turn it into text.

Free OCR is a resource submitted by Jan that works extremely well. I scanned the email into my computer and saved it as a .jpg image. On Free OCR, I uploaded the image and chose a language (English, of course). Within a few seconds, my image was processed, and the text appeared in a box. Now I can easily copy and paste that text into any program or application that I want.

Believe me, there will come a time when you will need some help from OCR, whether or not you have OCD. Do yourself a favor and bookmark Free OCR now, so that you can find it easily later on.

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