Would You Like to Win an HP Laptop?

Anne, Karen, and their teams from HP were an awesome addition to the Gnomedex sponsor roster last year. They were on-site with several of their products – and even gave away many things! I was fortunate to receive a TouchSmart from them during this time period, to review and use for myself. Even though I’m a Mac guy at heart, I have to admit I really love using the TouchSmart whenever I need to be on Windows. It runs beautifully, and has never given me any issues at all. It’s a powerhouse of a machine, honestly. I can convert videos while searching on the Internet, having multiple other programs open and even running a Skype conference all at once. There is no “lag”, like you would find on many systems while trying to do all of these things. And, of course, you can’t beat the sheer fun (and yes – functionality!) of using the actual Touch features! It’s not just me who loves this machine. My assistant, Kat, won a TouchSmart after the conference was over. She has used hers ever since as her primary machine, and is quite happy! HP continued with a presence this year at Gnomedex, too!

So why am I waxing poetic about HP and their products? I’m glad you asked! Not only were they awesome to work with during Gnomedex last year, they continue to support our community to this day. They’ve come up with an excellent new contest – just for all of you reading out there! You have a chance to win for yourself a brand-new HP Pavilion dv6t series laptop! Entering is so simple, you won’t even believe it. All you have to do is leave a follow-up comment on this blog post, (including your email address!) talking about HP. You can tell us what HP products you own – or have owned. You can talk about the ones you’d like to own. It doesn’t matter, so long as your comment talks about an HP product or service. Any comments which simply state things like “I want to win the HP laptop” will be disqualified. Put some effort into it! You should pore over the contest rules prior to entering, though. The contest is open now, and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on September 30, 2009. The winner will be notified via email within three days of that date, provided they are proven to have a valid entry (as described above).

Not only is HP giving away a laptop, they also have cooked up an awesome deal for you to take advantage of! Take 30% off of the purchase of a customized HP Pavilion Notebook PC, configured at $1199.00 or greater at the HP Home and Home Office Store. Use coupon code: NBR49875. The offer excludes the HP HDX16t, HP Minis and all Compaq models. The offer is limited to the first 1800 coupons redeemed, and will become void after that. Only 1 redemption per person or address is allowed. The coupon is not valid with other promotions and restrictions apply. For complete conditions, see Coupon Information in the Customer Service section.


I gotta thank everyone at HP for their continued support, and all of the opportunities they keep bringing to our community. Good luck to everyone who chooses to enter!

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  1. When I think of HP, I think of one thing — HP Laserjet printers. I’ve printed out more documents on HP Laserjets than any other printer. Still have a big old one here in the house. Darned thing never lets me down, rarely gets jammed, and is probably one of the most reliable pieces of technology I’ve used. Go Laserjet!

  2. My first computer was an HP pavilion back in the day. I loved the computer so much that I purchased them for my mother and brother to use as well. I really loved their support and how long the computers lasted. I never really had a problem with the HP computers I owned. I would love to try out this touchsmart. I have had bad luck with computers since I have had custom pc’s built since I owned my HP. I wish I could go back to a decent computer like the HP touchsmart.

    Anthony Quintano
    [email protected]

  3. I have had 2 HP Printers and I bought my mom a HP desktop computer 4 years ago, I really want a Laptop, Every time I see people with an HP at school or at the Library I get jealous. :-/

  4. I used to work with HP / Compaq servers for all types of apps. They were the most rock-solid units in our data-center. Keep it up HP

  5. I would love to win a HP Notebook, I’ve been looking for something to run linux on for a while now, and my current laptop lacks the necessary disc space. This would definitely allow to learn the world of linux.

  6. My experiences thus far with HP have been great. I had (still have) an old HP Pavilion 712a which I used for some time. Earlier on this year I upgraded to something a bit more up-to-date, but I am still using the monitor I got with it. The HP Pavilion mx70. Its has great colour and quality compared to any of the ohtre monitors I own. My father also had a few HP laptops as company computers and I was very impressed by them.

  7. Love HP Laser Printers – you have to get rid of them before they quit. Rock solid performers for the last 20 years of my PC Printing. I use 3 in my home today – the oldest now 8 years old and still printing!

  8. Have been a sold out Dell user for years and have always used their high end laptops for my GIS work which is extremely processor and video card intensive as I work with huge amounts of crime and call for service data in my mapping world. Would love to see how an HP stacks up to the Dell I am currently using. Maybe we can switch to HP for all our computer needs.

  9. I own and have kept two HP printers (they are the best IMHO). It is worth the price for the ink cartridges (I don’t remember the model numbers but I do have them around here somewhere). And I had a refurbished HP PC that ran Windows 98 with an AMD processor that looked like a modern day high-powered graphics card (remember those?). Of course I still work on my dad’s HP pc with Windows Vista Home Premium, and it works good so far (my dad loves to load up his PC with stuff that makes it easier for him to use). And my dad uses RealPlayer to download Flash videos to his HP PC.

    He only got the HP PC because I recommended to him that HP has great tech support and their software is without par (I didn’t really tell him that last part, but I wish I would’ve). Now for the rest of the story. Just in case this is picked for that PC you are giving away, you have my email address. It’s been a long time since I have won anything.

  10. I’ve never owned owned an HP computer before, but I have to say their offerings in recent years seem very slick and like a great value compared to other companies. I haven’t owned a laptop in a long time and I’d say I’m in need of an upgrade from my 8300 Dimension desktop.

  11. I just wrote a long text about HP here, but an error came up and all data was gone TT_TT

    So here’s the summary

    I’ve had a HP pavillion laptop myself, it was very strong while gaming and it lasted long for my hardcore usage of it.
    The battery was also very good, it lasted long, even while gaming.
    So far i’ve also never seen a cheap HP, not in the bad way, but i mean the parts are just always good enough to come out better than other random PC’s.
    Also the printers and so on are nยฐ1 for me, never thought about picking another brand.

    HP FTW ! (extreme summary :D)

  12. I think that the best feature that HP laptops would have is the tablet feature. As well, I’m in love with the beauty of the HP Mini. I personally use a Mac, but I’m a big fan of Windows 7 as well. Looking forward to getting an HP Mini in the future.

  13. I actually remember my old HP pda as being the most solid piece of mobile equipment I’ve ever had. It just worked.. like all the time, no problems what so ever, I really miss that…

  14. I’d love to have a TouchSmart, they sound really neat, although I don’t know where I’d put it…it would take some major re-arranging of my room, lol. I’ve always used HP printers though and they’ve always been reliable and user-friendly. I’ve never even had any problems with drivers or networking with their printers (though I’m lucky with drivers anyway). When I think about printers, HP is the name that comes to mind. My roommate owns I think an earlier model of the laptop to be given away and it seems to be a solid machine (I would’ve heard about it if she had had any problems with it, heh).

  15. While I prefer to build my own computers, for desktops at least, HP’s laptops seem to be getting good reviews and feedback, and I’m looking for a replacement for my Alienware. The only HP computer I’ve had was our family’s 3rd desktop computer, other than that, I have an HP scanner/printer that works pretty well, so I don’t have a whole lot to say.

  16. I haven’t had the chance to own an HP computer yet. I have owned one of their printers though and it worked beautifully! My parents took a leap last month and bought a brand new computer and it is an HP….I just wish my Mom and Dad weren’t so afraid of technology; they barely touch it, let alone turn it on. But I’m working with them. It’s a process.

  17. This is so cool! HP has been my computer company for eight years since I got my first laptop in high school.

    My second HP was a tower in the fall of 2003 which survived three years, two lightning strikes, and four different states/moves.

    I’m even writing in on one right now! It’s taken quite a lot of beatings but it’s still doing just fine. It’s a Pavilion dv1000 that keeps on chugging no matter what I throw at it. I hope to get two or three more years out of it with another hard drive.

    I so hope I get picked. I just love HP!

  18. HP ,being the very first system I had was one of the biggest help to starting this crazy Journey of technology. Ever since I have been amazed at the technology HP has included in their machines. The first point and shoot camera was an HP and I still use it from time to time. I’ve also Used and had a number of Printers and 3 in 1 Printers made by HP.

  19. Through the years I have owned numerous HP products, and I have to say I have never been disappointed by any of them. Printers have been the bulk of the HP products I have owned, and I’m still using 4 printers that are over 4 years old now. I especially like my PSC 2355 AIO. It is still printing crisp color prints just like the day I bought it. I also like my HP LaserJet 1300 networked laser printer. It is truly a workhorse for me. I have only had one desktop HP unit. It is still running after several years and several OS rebuilds. It is a Pavilion A1007. I have always like HP products; they are quality-built and have one of the best warranties around.

  20. awesome, well what can i say, hp touchsmart is awesome, it really is, though it really hasn’t got enough attention here in Australia. Chris since your a mac guy like me, don’t you think apple might do something similar to this??

  21. My desk top is consuming it’s last tiniest morsel of ram. Even the pixels have been munched on due to starvation.
    Please help me give a descent buriel to my faithfull companion. Her very last wish is that I find not a replacement for her (she could never be replaced) but just someone to keep me company while she rest in peace watching over me. She did make a last request that my new companion be be named HP in honor of her memory. HP was her favorite. Thank you for your kindest in her hour of need.

  22. I have a friend who has an HP TouchSmart and is using it as their Multimedia Center, attached to their HDTV. It’s an awesome setup for parties, where people can queue up what they’d like next. I want to setup something similar with a wireless keyboard and mouse, so I can enjoy the Internet TV convergence from my couch and possibly cancel my cable TV subscription.

  23. hi! currently i am saving up for a dv3t black laptop, and hopefully a touchsmart in the near future. i love hp products because they give you what you want and theyre not obsenely overpriced. the dv6t series is a very nice line of notebooks and and have everthing i need and want. i would be honoredto win.thanks for considering me!

  24. HP have always made amazing touch products!

    a few years ago I nearly bought one of their lovely tablet come laptops as it would be great for taking notes at college and was fairly small. Before I had time to get it they discontinued the line so with little time to spare bought a macbook, only to find they bring out another one a month later!

    Their products just reflect the touch interactivity that is needed by many designers to visualise their creativity in a digital setting without hassle.

    HP really thinks about design in a big way – they are what I would consider the Apple of the PC world, everything has a functional purpose and is made to last!

    Just my 2ยข

  25. I haven’t used HP computers in a long time since 2000 since then I’ve been bouncing around between different systems but I have to admit that I have fond memories of that old system it never gave me any trouble and had enough power to play any game that I came across…ahh fond memories there playing Command and Conquer Red Alert all night long

  26. HP products are great! I have owned two PC’s from HP and they have both run very nicely. I have been really interested in the new touchscreen computers though, they look very useful!

  27. I’ve looked at those HP’s and it sure would be nice to win won. I was a dell user for a long time, but HP sure seems to have surpassed them in customer service and quality.

  28. I used to own a HP Pavilion 1ghz Celeron, 256mb pc133, and 32mb onboard intel graphics, (not sure what model it was so im just saying some specs) and I actually liked it more than the previously dell computers I used to use. I liked it because, the casing was very nice compared to my other computers. Also, it the was computer i started pc gaming with, first computer I’ve burnt discs with, it was the computer that I had experienced a lot of things with.
    One thing I do love about HP products, is that they look really nice. Especially the desktops and notebooks with designs on them. I’ve actually been looking to get a new notebook/desktop but mainly for video editing and gaming. So if I had the money to get a pc from HP, it would be “HP Pavilion Elite e9180t series” due to the fact that the video card is good enough for me to game with, and the 8gb of ram would really help me with loading times for games, and the intel i7 cpu would help me out a lot with gaming and the rendering times of the videos that I would be editing.

  29. In for one, I own a gorgeous yet ten pound with battery Presario. It’s getting a bit long in the tooth. Help please so I can donate this big beautiful laptop to a worthy cause.

  30. I really do love HP printers. I’ve owned an HP Deskjet 3740 for a while now and it’s the first printer to never malfunction on me. Printers from other manufacturers give me a headache because they either jam, do not communicate well with my computers, or break down completely. What’s even better is that the cartridges do not cost an arm and a leg.

  31. My clients and I have never had any trouble printing out of FileMaker Pro to HP b/w laser printers. Xerox & others have had spotty driver issues over the years but not HP.

  32. I currently own 4 HP printers, 2 HP screens, and an HP Desktop that I use as a media center (it works really well!)

  33. I loved my Hp Pavillion laptop z 5200 series it lasted me a good 3 years and I personally enjoy all of hp product lines they seem to last a good while including my hp desktop which also lasted me a good several years before crashing there buildt for ,longetivity I like to say thanks HP

  34. Great contest! I’m on my old faithful HP Paviion zd8000 right now. Love the big screen. It’s been a good laptop for about 4 years but it would be sweet to bring in a new one. ;o)

  35. I used to be a huge HP fan. Seriously. I had, 6 HP Computer’s, (2 home, 3 laptop’s and one at work). I’ve since gone to Dell, but my heart’s always been with HP.

  36. I have owned an HP pavilion desktop for a few years ( a1615.uk) and it has never let me down, seeing me through numerous hardware and software upgrades. The only reason this is no longer my primary machine is a migration to the Mac platform.

  37. I love my hp 7350 printer, not only does it have a great scanner interface the pictures it prints are great.
    I just bought my boss a hp laptop, the price beat several others and the specs were just as good.
    I want one myself.

  38. I really like the hp laptop and printers i have owned in the past they always have the same stuff i am looking for in a computer and printer needs i just got a new printer from them and i can’t stop using it for all my homework and I really needed it for school and this hp printer can in hand. The prints look so life like when i print photos on the printer and i would always buy them for a printer again. The computers I have owned about them have been great. So I think that they should keep them coming out with new and easy idea for computer and printers. thank you

  39. Hello! I own a HP printer and can’t stop telling people how good it is. I got it at a amazing price at bestbuy! It’s fast,quiet,and prints color photos photolab quality. And best of all the ink is very cheap. Thanks Chris for this giveaway

  40. I used to own a HP Pavilion Dv6915. I loved everything that the laptop was supposed to be, but it got real sick on me about 4 months in. After I sold it to TigerDirect for credit toward my MSI Wind, I later found out that my problem could have been a battery issue that they were doing a recall for…. I would like to give a HP product another try. I really did like that laptop……

  41. I have owned an HP laptop for about a year and a half, and it has really pulled through. I haven’t had a single problem with it. It does all of the hard “computer maintenance” itself. All I have to do is open the lid and go about my business. I also have owned an HP printer, back when printers had really big bugs, but I still use my HP printer to this day. HP, I must say, has made my life simple.

  42. About a few months ago my girlfriend decided to replace her Dell laptop bc it was a few years old. After careful searching online and comparison we were still unable to find the ideal laptop for her. She is very picky when it comes to design and of course wants a speedy laptop. After about 3-4 weeks into the search she began to express interest in a HP Laptop. I’m not sure the model number all I know is that it has like a bronze carbon fiber look ( really cool). We were looking at the specs and even tested out in store. To be honest, I was surprised. It was well manufactured. Didn’t seem flimsy or cheap. Beatiful screen and even came with a remote. It was a huge upgrade compare to her previous model and way better that what Dell or any other laptop manufactor has. Once she purchased her 1st HP laptop, she quickly fell in love with it and highly recommends HP or any other company. Her best friend just recently purchase an HP laptop. I don’t know the model number but it had the same bronze carbon fiber like finish only with a larger screen (17in) and blu-Ray drive. Her friend purchased it to start her school semester in college. I myself consider myself to be great with computers and their specs and even fixed a few computer problems and troubleshoot thru numerous problems over the years. I myself will buy a laptop with in a year and will definately, no questions asked, purchase a HP laptop. My experience of HP through my girlfriends reports and I actually using her laptop, makes HP the best choice in purchasing a new laptop.

  43. I have a Presario desktop that has run great since the day I got it 3 years ago! I have been in the market/shopping around for a laptop for about a month now trying to find the best deal for the money and both the HP HDX 16-1160US, and the HP Pavilion dv7-1270us have been at the top of my list since I found them. These products seem almost too good to be true. I LOVE HP, and the fact that my Presario still runs so great is what makes me want a new HP laptop even more. Keep up the good work HP and I’ll be getting a new product from you one way or another, if I don’t win this awesome one, I will be buying another awesome one.

  44. Hi to you all,
    HP products have been handed down by word of mouth, and I took a leap of faith. My first was a HP Photosmart 735 camera, which was recommended to me, although not as small as the current cameras on the market, the weight of it is easier for me to steady and aim, pictures are awesome.

    Secondly, I received a HP Media Center PC for Christmas one year and help choose it. It has never let me down and still running strong with my care.

    A few years later and another Christmas, my sister gave me a HP Photosmart C5180 all-in-one printer. This printer (and the PC) have helped me with the “easy to use” features, and proud of them. For years, all I ever owned was a PC that was “handmade”, put together with parts/drives I bought and took to someone to build.

    Thirdly, so proud of my equipment, the first of 2009, I was able to purchase a HP Netbook (not expensive, either) which picks up on my Linksys. If and when I go to the hospital or sick in bed, I have something small, with as much ram and space as my PC, to use, or play small screen games.

    From someone who began, for years, using only a rebuilt or hand me down PC, I am very proud of my equipment, HP quality, and have recommended it, because I have experience with HP. And for a woman who is 59, I need “easy”, now. My HP’s are my world and I am grateful for the brand and response when I turn everything on.

    Have a blessed one,
    M. Lafitte

  45. I have had HP printers since the hplj and have II’s, III’s IV’s and now have the LJ 2840 Color LaserJet. Great printers that work out of the box. Networks love them and the software is easy to install. I recommend HP to all my friends.

    The LJ II and IV are built like Tanks and are still working.

  46. HP has been a central component of what I do through their printer scanner products. I use several, including the HP 3745 Deskjet, HP Officejet Pro 8500 and HP Deskjet 4280.

    I call them the old reliable product as they just run without fail.

    My next target is to run an HP laptop with Windows 7!

  47. I absolutly LOVE hp !! Even though im only 15 ever computer we’ve evwr had has been hp. Currently we ha a HP Pavillion 20 in flat screen desktop the no one can use lol, and we have a 2005 hp laptop. The laptop has very slow processing, bit i guess thats expectable for an old laptop right ? But all in all i love HP and it remains the only brand i use.

    – Bridgette

  48. My first PC was a Compaq that served me well for many years before I began to build my own systems. I have owned 2 HP 960C printers and currently own a PSC 1200 all in one printer.
    I have found HP printers to be solid performers and very reliable producing beautiful home pictures.
    I am excited at the chance to add a HP laptop to my PC experience and would like to thank Chris and HP for this opportunity.

  49. I cannot list all the HP products I have owned, because the list would be too long for this post. My first computer was an HP Pavilion 6930 and it came with Win98. I upgraded that machine all the way up thru Win98 SE, WinMe, and finally to WinXP. It finally gave out, but it gave me many years of fun and learning.

  50. Our organizatoin has used HP printers for many years and had tremendous success with them. I am in charge of our Help Desk and it is very rare for problems to occur. Whe problems do occur the HP Support folks have been there when we needed them. They are always very couteous and stay with us until the issue is resolved. This helps us ensure our users can quickly get back to work.

  51. I don’t have much experience with HP laptops or desktops, but I have been impressed with some of their server offerings. And LaserJets are pretty much the only printers I’ll recommend to anyone (I have 2 myself, never any issue with them, unlike most other printers).

  52. I currently own an HP 6150 desktop running Widows 7 RTM x64, love the improvements over Vista. I’d love to be the proud owner of an HP laptop. It sure would be nice to be connected away from home. Coffee and a scone at Alterra with my laptop sounds great right now in this 52 degree cold spell.

  53. I have owned a couple of hp laptops and they never gave me a problem. One of their best ideas that hp has had recently is the all in one that is touch screen. The software needs to be refined a little more but I would love to have a couple of those.

  54. I currently have 2 HP dv laptops in the household; My wife is using her dv6660ea (2008) and I have a dv9074ea (2006). I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate on both machines and although mine was delivered with XP it runs Windows 7 beautifully. We love our laptops although there has been some issues with the motherboards.

    My next laptop will probably be a HP as well, although I hope that it will come free of charge as a result of winning this competition. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. I have owned several HP products, the Inkjets being great pronters. The most fondly memorable HP product I have owned (and still have) in a Thinkjet HP-IL portable, with battery, printer. It made a great logging and recording printer because it used continuous pin-feed roll paper and could be carried around. I had to stop using it because it used continuous pin-feed roll paper and a centronics/parallel connection. Like the Laserjet II, III and V printers, it still works.

  56. I have used HP systems for the past 8 years: My first was an HP/Compaq 2188cl laptop, to which I upgraded the memory from 512 to 2gb, and from winXP Home to XPPRO, the second a desktop a445c-b in which I did the same.
    I have stuck with HP because HP cares about its customers, and makes the updated Drivers & software readly available, especially the BIOS UPDATES (flash) which I used on both of my units. It was this BIOS flash that actually corrected many minor and a few critical issues that were present. I currently have and am using an HP Pavilion dv9000 series, running Windows 7.

    Even today when I work on an HP/COMPAQ the first thing I do is check the BIOS, and flash it if neccessary to the latest version, download and install the latest drivers and updated software, as I did when I got my current system. In 99% of the cases I was able to resolve the problems on the affected system. HP makes it so simple to get these that I cannot understand why the average user does not use do so.

    Other systems I have worked on and tried this make it so hard to locate and get the latest updated drivers/software, and few even offer a BIOS Update/Flash without you having to pay for it. It is for this reason and the fact they are usually the better operating of all other systems I have encountered, ie: E-Machines, Sony, Acer, etc., etc..

    Needless to say I am dedicated to HP is the best machines for any purpose. In example of that the HP/COMPAQ 2188cl Laptop, using Microsoft Streets and Trips was my GPS on long trips using HP AutoAir adaptor for my vehicle. That unit after 7 years was passed on to my Son-in-Law a police officer in College Park District of Atlanta, Ga., and uses it daily as with XPPRO he can access thru a secured IP the Police network, and get his reports, etc., done, something that because of incompatabilites Vista will not do. My youngest Daughter in Jonesboro, Ga., in going back to school, has the Desktop the a445c-b and both units are running and in use daily all without a hitch. I can say with confidence that any problems with an HP/Compaq Computer is not the system but the USER.

  57. I use a laptop for work. My first two were IBM Thinkpads. Nice machines, but the best way to describe their physical appearance is “brick”.

    Then, we got the HPs. I was one of the lucky ones – 4 were purchased, but we had almost 10 laptop users. One became MINE!!! HA HAHHAA HA HAAAA!!! And it has served me very well.

    It is 3 years old, but still lets me run everything I need with no “old tech that runs slow” problems. It has traveled to all across the US with me, as well as to Asia once. The boss liked his so much he gave it away – and got a newer one (when you sign the checks, you can do that sort of thing). He’s been very happy with that one, and the coworker who got his hand-me-down was ecstatic – that HP replaced a 5-yr old IBM that WAS showing its age.

    Other HP products I have or used? Lots of printers. I think I have 4 in my house right now. And their mainframes! Really, HP used to make mainframes. I used to work for GE, and GE used both IBMs and HPs (a little history here – GE was in the mainframe business for a while – had a 6% share at one point – but got out and sold it to HP).

  58. I currently own a DV2700 and my wife uses a DV6000. We recommended a DV6T for my father-in-law which he now uses to Skype w/ us so that he can see our 10 month old son.

    The main reason we have kept HP in the family has been the support. We had some battery issues w/ our first notebook that HP helped us resolve. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the voice call follow ups that we received to update us on the trouble ticket’s progress. I expected email followups, so to receive calls that allowed me to ask questions what was pretty neat.

    We recently upgraded our Deskjet printer to an Office Jet all in one (J4680). This was after we purchased an HP Wireless Printing Kit – which did not work well at all. I am not sure if it was a Vista issue or not but I love the J4680. The remote scanning, faxing, and printing capabilities are great. I can scan a document at the device and have it sent to any of our notebooks wirelessly. This has been useful when scanning in our son’s new birth certificate, medical forms, etc. for archival purposes. Plus, since we now have hundreds of digital pictures just in the last 10 weeks I am not sure how many boxes of HP photo paper or ink my wife has gone through.

    I am a heavy VMware user. I utilize VMware Workstation on my notebook for sandbox environments to access my poor man’s home VMware lab. I often push the limits to the machine but it has been problem free thus far (knocking on wood).

    The Quick Connect dock is also a feature that is heavily used to connect our laptops to our HDTV for Netflix streaming and Media Center usage. More often than not you will find us streaming music via Media Center while we make dinner.

    My wife’s DV6000 is great but she doesn’t have a built in camera like me so a DV6T would be cool upgrade for her so that she can Skype w/ video while I am on the road (w/o having to carry an external camera arond).

  59. I absolutely love my hp dv8000laptop. It has treated me very well. With it’s big 17 inch screen. I can watch movies while I do my work and not lose screen real estate. I take it everywhere I go, it’s almost a part of me. My wife is jealous and I amlooking to get her an hp product because the reliability has been incredible. I love hp computers.

  60. Hiya Chris;

    I understand how feel about your HP Touchsmart. Having always been a Dell guy, I was a little miffed when my employer swtiched from Dell to HP and forced me to switch brands. My attitude changed very quickly however, and I soon fell in love with my HP laptop. It was sleek, it was quiet and it was fast. Even though my employer changed back to Dell (when they were “acquired”) my heart has stayed with HP and when I get around to buying my own laptop; it will most likely be an HP!


  61. I love HP products in general. My current laptop is a ze4610 that has been a workhorse that I use every day. The problem is, I have to plug it in to use it as there is a problem with the motherboard that doesn’t allow the battery to recharge! But the German heritage in me won’t allow me to throw out what is otherwise a perfectly good computer.

  62. Hp? Hp manufactures the best products ever! Ive owned a hp mini 1010nr notebook pc which is awsome, but no one knows it has builtin mobile broadband which came very interesting and usefull when I needed it. The ones I want to own is the hp pavillion. It’s the best product ever. Thank you hp for making these products that help companies become sucessful.

  63. Well….. I have one of the Greatest Printers one could have.
    It’s the DeskJet 5800, and it is ran via wireless ethernet to the 6 PC’s we have in our home. Never had a day of trouble out of it. I also have had a few Pavilion desktops come my way. As it stands my brother and cousin both own an HP laptop. I am the “family” PC Tech, so I see my fair share of HP’s of all types. If I ever wear the DeskJet out, I am thinking of going with an HP laser printer. ๐Ÿ™‚
    OH.. BTW.. I’ve used older HP parts to “frankenstein” a few PC’s together for family members who couldn’t afford a PC otherwise.
    HEY… when parts are that good…. why trash them.

  64. I have used Compaq laptops for the last 9 years, and have been quite pleased with the performance of these machines.I also own a HP deskjet printer that has stood up for the same nine years..Very happy with HP products, and their customer service.

  65. I thoroughly enjoy HP. I’ve owned several HP products. I don’t have a full size laptop right now, and I’ve had my eye on the HP dv6t for quite some time. I’d love to have the opportunity to use this laptop as my full-size laptop.


  66. I really enjoy the flexibility my HP devices give me. I currently own a Pavilion dv7-1245 dx, a Deskjet 4180 all-in-one, and a Laserjet 1000. My Pavilion is my ‘home away from home’; it handles just about everything I throw at it and still hast time to turn and burn on Guild Wars! My all-in-one is great for sending in those rebate forms, printing out my home work and printing a few choice coupons! The Laserjet I run on my Linux box because it’s great for printing bunches of business cards. I think the best value from my HP products, is they allow me to live a life without limits!

  67. I have personally owned an H-P Printer (812C) and Pavilion (ZX 5078CL) for years of reliable service. Only with the laptop did I have to service the power port. My image of H-P is quality, reliability, and service as a result.

    I would urge H-P to evolve a new lightweight multipurpose cross-over laptop, that meets both the social/communication and entertainment needs of today’s evolving net niche.

  68. I’ve never owned any HP products before but after going on their site to have a look at the laptop which looks great. It would be really usefull to win my own laptop for school work and a little gaming :X

    p.s. I’d be more comfortable replying with my address in my email if thats ok

  69. My son is now on his second HP laptop; he has really liked both but the thing that stood out was the level of warranty support. His first one had a couple of problems with power supply and network card, and both were replaced with no hassles at all. Made it an easy choice for him getting the second one, which is a touch smart tablet. He’s a college student and finds that the ability to use it like a tablet to take notes in class, then take it home and use it like a laptop works really well for him.

  70. I had just recently owned a Hp mni 110 . The feature I liked was athe wifi wireless connectability. Plus light enough to carry anywhere I wanted to go . It had the xp service pak on it which I was right down at home with it . The hard drive being 160 hd was sufficient for me to do my student work on it . It was a black swirl finish and also I loved the web cam that was on it . I could get connected with my son that is over in Iraq web cam to using Yahoo service . it had the integrated mic too so no mic hook up to talk . but had to talk a little louder to be heard . But was loving it to stay in touch with him . It also had a 5-one media reader for downloading pictures for my son of his two children and wife. The other feature I liked about it was the almost full size keys .I was first worried that they were going to be too small for me . The speakers wre also great for my music that I had put on there from my cd collection. . It had 3 usb ports for which I used one for a wirless mouse because I could not get the handle on using the touch pad. It also had the audio out for headphones and mic in . All in all it was a great hp laptop . The reason I wrote this comment in past tense . I just recently went back to school this fall for college .I was sitting with three other students at a table and asked if they could watch the laptop and they said they would be there for for fifteen more minutes and i had to go use the restroom . They said they would and I being so trusting thanked them . Well I was only gone two minutes and yes they did . They thanked me for a brand new Hp for themselves . I don’t know which one took it . But later on one of the students was in one of my classes english comp. I did not make a scene . After class I hurried up to him and asked where my laptop went and he stated , What laptop he replied. I did report it to the school authorities and they said they could not help me . I just learned my lesson on laptop security . If you have to go use the boys room never leave your laptop guarded with people . Tkae it with you . I hope others will read this warning of me being stupid. So I do all of my reports by hand andthat is my new laptop for right now . Thanks from Dave at [email protected]

  71. I own a Compaq Presario SR1520NX Desktop, Hp Scanjet G3010 Scanner, Hp All-in-one printer. I have owned several Hp printers and continue to upgrade to HP. I have owned several Hp Scanners but find that they don’t last as long as I wolud like them to, but I still continue to purchase them. Also own a Compaq CQ60 Laptop. I find their products to be reliable and reasonably priced. Looking to purchase an HP IPAQ 111 in the near future. Again, price is a main consideration for me.

  72. I think HP is a wonderful brand! I have an HP printer at my house and it works perfectly! I would really like to own an HP laptop simply because it is powerful, shiny (:P), and I think it worth the price.

    Thanks for this contest Chris!


  73. Also I have loved all of the hp products that are out there . I have had several of their printers and the laptop that was taken the wireless mouse was a HP . It was a very good product to use when not being able to use the touch pad because of my arthritus in my hands. But I give that laptop a 100% working rating for me . Just wish I could get it back from them . They also got the Hp carrying case that protected it really well . Sorry I forgot to put this in the original post . Thanks again Dave [email protected]

  74. The last three printers I have owned have been HP.
    I have an all in one that I use mainly for faxes, photocopies and scanning. Its been around for about 5 years now. Last year I replaced my ancient HP B+W laser with an HP colour laser. I can now print small quanitity flyers and such in house that I would have previously had sent out. I am hoping to add a designjet series printer soon for in house proofing and larger scale printing like banners. An HP laptop would be a nice addition. Thanks for the chance. [email protected]

  75. My son has an HP laptop and he loves it. It has a 17″ screen, webcam, full size keyboard and fast processor. Despite my constant tweaking with the wireless network settings, the HP laptop keeps staying connected to the network. Love the HP laptop and want one for myself.

  76. our hp desktop printers are the best. there’s none of the crap about replacing the cartridges like our old epsons, which i why i won’t allow epsons back in any of the 3 locations i support. hp is the only printer i’ll buy anymore.

  77. My first brand new computer was an HP Desktop. It served me well for over 5 years and was a great training tool for a young newphew. I currently have an HP Pavillion notebook — always been a happy customer as they have continued to improve over the years.

  78. I have owned an HP dv9000 series laptop for the last 2 years and have been very pleased with its performance and reliability. It has a 19″ screen so it’s great for working with and viewing video but it is alot to carry around. I think next time I will go the other way in size and go for a 12″ or a Netbook for ease of portability. Thank You HP.

  79. I just bought a G60-441US notebook for my son. I liked it so much that it I convinced my co-worker, her mom and two people from church to buy one as well.
    The thing that I like I like most about the G60-441US is that it is quite and does not get as hot as other notebooks.


  80. All of my printers were and still are HP products. Never have any problems with these printers.

    Right now I’m using a laser black and white and an inkjet color printer. I’m hoping to get a larger one soon.


  81. I’ve had an HP computer for a little over 3 years. It’s a media center Pc but never fully used the media center feature. The only thing I have ever had to chang on it was the dvd drive.

  82. I love hp i bought a dv9000 from them 3 years ago and i still use it as my primary machine. The customer service is also awesome i had an issue with my laptop and they fixed it for free regardless of the cause. I recommend hp to all my friends.

  83. I don’t own any HP laptops right now, but have had a couple in the past, I gave my last one to my daughter and she still uses it every day and is quite happy with it. I do warranty service on laptops as a sideline and find myself seeing less and less of them, which is a good thing as it means the reliability is going up and I have less repairs to do.

    I am going to feel like the Maytag repairman if this keeps up!

  84. I only had a HP backpack which my sister gave me for New Year gift, I wish to have a HP laptop, so that I can give it to my sister for a gift.

  85. We currently own three HP laptops: my sister’s G60t, my niece’s dv6, and my own Omnibook500. Both my sister and niece were on budgets, the niece a bit tighter than my sister. So for both of them, I looked at Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Gateway, Sony and even Panasonic. And every time I came back to HP for the best deal in price and features. I still use the Omnibook 500, mostly web browsing. It has a PentiumIII 750 with 320MBs of RAM. Best thing I like about it is the docking bay can play CDs on it’s own without the rest of the computer being there. For an older machine, it’s features are still ahead of most on the market today. And it will be here till it stops working. Which I don’t see happening for years. I’ve also recommended HPs for friends, one who is going off to college now owns a dv7 and loves it, and the free printer was a big plus at the time of purchase. The three of them love the full keyboard with number pad, big screen, fast processor, and good battery life. I like that they were better spec’d than anything else I could find for the price, even Dell’s Vostro line off the business side. Thank you, HP, for keeping laptops affordable, easy to use and powerful. And the screen wipe was a nice touch.

  86. ABOUT HP Products – have many of them – wish the driver update process was simpler – some of the installation instructions are very complex and time consuming – suggest this be automated in some way the the LENOVO ThinkVantage Update works

  87. I promised my grandkids new laptops for graduation. My eldest granddaughter graduated 5 years ago an is still using her HP laptop with no problems whatsoever. The youngest granddaughter graduated in June and since the other HP held up so well, I got her one. I have one more grandson left to graduate in 2 years, and I would love one to work with before I get his.

  88. I purchased an HP Pavilion laptop for my sister and it hasn’t missed a beat. Even though she lugs it around everywhere. It’s nice to not have to deal with hardware issues.

    My buddy swears by his HP mini and I’m interested in the HP Firebird. Liquid cooling from a manufacturer? I’d love to test it out.

  89. i own a HP server and a HP desktop.
    my server has actually been pretty good for performance, even tho its a HP DL380 G3… it still packs a punch ๐Ÿ˜€

    my desktop is great, i have used it as a media pc for a while and the video quality is awesome!
    god i love hp :3

  90. I am a regional technology coordinator for adult literacy programs throughout MA. I travel a lot and do lots of trainings and workshops for teachers and directors showing them how to integrate technology into their programs and curriculum. It is critical that I have a dependable, reliable laptop that is also lightweight but has a fairly large screen size and resolution to be able to demo applications and due to the fact that I have some visual issues myself. HP has always stood for dependability and reliability. I have always owned HP printers and would not purchase anything else. Their tech support, when and if needed, has also been excellent. I really like the fact that this laptop also has the numerical keyboard. Due to budget cuts in education, we have been forced to use older, heavier and certainly less reliable equipment. Winning this laptop would certainly help make my job easier, but also would be a boon to the many educators who would be exposed to the technology and workmanship that HP provides. Thanks for giving me a chance to enter.

  91. I have owned several generations of HP Desktops over the years (I’m talking the 80’s here) and have enjoyed using HP printers since forever.
    I don’t currently own any HP Desktops at the moment (there was a great sale on a Sony VAIO – I know, I feel like a traitor).

    However, I’m proud to say that I do own 3 HP printers and absolutely love all of them.

    My workhorse is the HP LaserJet 1200 Series PCL (purchased 11/1/2001) it keeps going and going and going…

    I received my ultimate fantasy printer, an HP Color LaserJet 2605dn PCL 6, from my son for my birthday (3/21/2007). It’s everything I ever thought a color laser printer would be. It prints on both sides of the paper if you tell it to, I was never able to do that automatically before. If you can’t tell, I was and am very excited about it.

    The newest addition to the family is the HP Photosmart Premium C309a series “All-In-One” printer. I bought this as a gift for myself on 5/26/09 (on sale at Costco) to replace an Epson Inkjet printer that was constantly giving me fits. I cannot say enough about this printer…but I’ll try ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ** I can print 4×6 photos without changing paper by keeping photo paper in the loading tray specifically for it. You also have several choices as to where to get the photos (blue tooth, computer and a bunch of different memory card types).
    ** I can print directly to printable CDs and DVDs. You can’t believe how simple this is. The CD/DVD tray is nicely stored within the printer so it is always easily accessible.
    ** You can set it to copy a pile of papers by itself (you don’t need to stand there and feed in each paper separately – is that cool or what?!) and have the choice of one side or both side printing. Okay you have to agree that is hot!
    ** The fax feature works flawlessly.
    ** I know it can do more but so far those are the features that I have used numerous times without a hitch.
    ** BTW, I only buy the XL printer cartridges they are more cost efficient and really last a long time. I buy mine in multipacks from Costco.

    Just a thought… I might go back to HP computers if I had one to play with again.


  92. Back in the day when I was a wee lad our family used to own an HP Vectra. I still remember those days(pre Windows 95 of course) where dial up was the fastest and coolest thing ever. Not really to our phone bill, but hey, it worked. It’s where I got my start with computers, and I’ve been a geek ever since. I also own a few HP printers, one of them is a PSC and the other is a regular ol’ inkjet. They do a good job and we don’t have many problems but those frustrating paper jams. I noticed over the years that HP has some pretty cool products, especially those new touchsmarts. I tried one of those out and was so amazed at how easy it was to use.

  93. Hp has always been the best choice of computers for me and my family! We currently own the Hp Special Edition Verde Desktop for use as the main primary computer. It has never failed me, and their products are of high quality for the regular consumer. Our next step is to get an HP laptop because we want to setup a small home office for the whole family to use! And Hp is our number 1 choice! Its consumer friendly as well and has great assistance in every one of their computers so that’s what make it a top choice! for computing.

    I am proud to own An HP and no matter what it will always be My choice and families choice forever. I would like to own an Hp laptop because I am gonna start going to college and will use it when I start. I will use it for years to come. Ever since hp was founded (1939) They have always made top quality dead on great products so thank you Bill Hewlett and David Packard for creating the choice of computers for me and everyone else! Not only computers but printers, Cameras, Great Monitors (I’m using the Hp w2007 20′ monitor) So all in all Hp is the TOP choice for consumers and will always be for me Thank you! I would like to add thanks to HP and Chris Pirillo for letting The community an opportunity to win. Also You are an inspiration to me Chris you are the best geek ever and geek idol to me. Thank you and good luck to all the contestants.

  94. We use only HP Printers. They are great, last forever and never break. In fact we still have quit a few HP laserjet 4’s and 5’s that I’m going to have to turn in just so we can get newer models. Way to go HP!

  95. I’ve owned several HP products over the years, printers, laptops, etc. and I have nothing but praise for their high quality. I am currently using an HP Mini 1010 to test some of the new operating systems being developed specifically for netbooks and it has worked flawlessly with each and evey one I’ve tried. Keep up the good work, HP!

  96. Hi Chris,
    This is a great offer. I would love to own an HP laptop as this would be a wonderful addition to the tools I need for getting my home-based business started. My brother is a computer geek and has always used HP products including an HP Pavilion Elite e9150t series desktop and a HP HDX 16t Premium series laptop. He has always highly recommended their products.

  97. HP has had its share of ups and downs over the last few years. On the downside, I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to my in-laws and have heard, “Ahh! My laptop is running so slow!” and someone else says “Is it your HP?”. Truth be told, they’re just running bloatware, but I don’t want to get disowned by pointing it out to them.

    Really, I’d LOVE to own their laptop! It’s loaded with features, like most HP machines are. For all those who love having envious coworkers, great nights of gaming, a handy-dandy IT tool, all while on the cheap, going HP may be the way to go for you.

  98. I love all HP products I use to have a old HP Laptop man, that lasted forever, I would like to win another HP laptop my old gateway laptop its getting old, the charger is going bad and I miss the HP products I use to have. HP ROXS!


  99. I love HP products. I own 2 HPs alongside my dell and iMac. One us an HP vectra 500 ( perhaps… 14 years old?) and an HP pavillion a775c, and I love them both.

  100. I am sitting next to my HP Officejet J4680 right now!

    The HP Officejet is a great small office printer that is quick, prints great and keeps me from having to walk across the office to the other printers (wait…is that why I’ve gained a few pounds since I got it?).

    Thank you HP!

  101. i own a hp all in one printer but i would love to win the hp touchsmart for the great touch screen expierence. hp and live.pirillo.com rock

  102. Wow Chris this is sweet! Hp rocks! Their products withstand time & time again. We’ve opened only Hp printers and several of their computers. They just put the other companies to shame. A touchscreen computer would be sweet for college. Good luck to all!

  103. I have a fairly old HP scanner, but since my scanner and my printer are each hard to reconcile with any OS newer than XP, I’m thinking to get an HP all-in-one scanner/printer/fax.

  104. I love HP.
    I own a small HP Photo Printer and a larger HP Multi Purpose Scan, Fax and Printer.
    I also own an HP IPAQ.
    The laptop would make a sweet addition to my HP family of products.

  105. I really love HP. I will be buying the w2338h monitor from them soon, and I have a few HP printers, as well. All of my HP products have far exceeded my expectations when it comes to value.

  106. I currently own an HP dv2000 laptop and I need a new one! my current one has some issues with the built-in wireless card disappearing from device manager and not working. I’ve been pretty happy with HP computers so far though as they are one of better big name companies when it comes to support after the sale.

  107. Well, I still need to go to a gnomedex, but I like hp products for example the hp deskjet F4480 all-in-one printer that I have, its work great and even I set it up to my ubuntu machine with more ease than other printers. Another thing I installed easily to my ubuntu machine was the hp wireless deluxe keyboard & mouse set. So it’s needless to say, that I like their products, and how they promote with contests in this community.

  108. oh man you gotta love hp. They do make some great products. I have had 2 hp laptops and a compaq laptop. I used them for years until there little problems happened.

  109. I love my HP Photosmart C4480 printer. It has an excellent feature that allows you to print photos directly from your memory card – no need to load to the pc. It was a great replacement for my old Epson!

  110. Good timing on this contest. I sure would like to win a new HP laptop. I’m still running my old xd7000 which is great but is definately starting to show its age. Biggest problem is the weight when travelling so it get used to watch DVDs a lot at the kitchen table.

    I think my first HP product was a HP4 laser printer and then a string of them ending up with a HP1300 and colour laser for work. The only one I was ever unhappy with was the 1100 which was a top load and had nothing but feed problems. The HP4 was working up until about a year ago at a friends house but it just wasn’t worth getting a new cartridge when we could get a new and better printer for the same price.

  111. I love my HP photosmart printer. I liked it so much I got one each for my mom, sister and brother.

    It’s an all in one and the scanner is great. I have never had a scanner that works as easily as this one does.

    The printing is extremely high quality. You can even switch out the color ink for a higher quality photo ink and print to photo paper. It looks just like a professional print.

    The ink also lasts forever.

  112. Chris,
    I have been an HP customer for many years. Love their products. From printers, to Laptops, to handheld PDA’s.

    In fact I had to call HP tech support because I had a config issue with my new Officejet 6500. The tech suport was able to diagnose other issue with my computer tha made run better. I thought that was way cool.

    But I would to give this laptop you are giving away to my good friend Mark Horvath of InvisiblePeople.tv. He has an old HP laptop that has seen better days. I wish i could buy him one but currently I am unemployed. I would love to support Mark with a new laptop so he can continue to bringing us those great stories.


  113. I have always wanted a HP laptop. I looked at a couple at HH Gregg last night. I saw your giveaway today and would love to win this HP product. I espically liked the HP laptop, I saw there, with the 17″ screen. The screen quality was excellent! It had a media card reader, webcam, dvd burner with lightscribe, and many other features. I am leaning toward this one.

  114. We recently rolled out a “Virtual Agent” program at my real estate agency and this includes a new laptop for each participating agent. When it came time to actually choose the laptop, we looked at EVERYTHING on the market and finally choose the HP Pavilion DV6. It’s a fantastic laptop at an unbeatable price and our agents LOVE them!

  115. I build and repair PCs for a living but ANYTIME someone asks me about my preferred OEM, HP is at the top of my list. HP desktops and laptops are reliable, they look professional, and I have seen a very low problem rate compared to other companies, such as the one that rhymes with Swell.

    We also use HP computers in the school district where I work, and they have been fast and reliable. Our IT guy loves that they are easy to deploy, they are preloaded with very little junk, and my students and staff enjoy using them over some of the whitebox and “swell-brand” machines we have.

    Personally, I would have no problem continuing to promote the fact that HP has provided a solid, dependable product, with solid support. I am proud to recommend them.

  116. I have had several hp products, but never my own hp laptop; when I worked in tech support, hp was always my favorite cause they rarely broke and had awesome customer service. the printers especially are great, I wouldn’t have any other brand.

  117. I have owned several HP PC’s in the past and found them nearly flawless. In fact, I have given the last 2 away to friends, when I upgraded, and the machines are still in use and running fine.

    I currently use 2 HP printers, one MFD in my home office, and one portable in my car. I think what I enjoy most about them is the fact they they are work horses. Paper and ink only. I never have to worry about faulty operation or down time. I use them a lot, and they just keep on going. I have had at least 6 HP printers for my work use in the last 10 years. The only reason I change is because the company I work for changes them out every so often, no matter what.

    I would love to try a HP Laptop!


  118. Guys I am not sure if you heard of the release of the HP Pavilion dv6 Artist Edition but it is most definitely worth a look.

    The design itself deserves its own blog. It was designed by Japanese designer Hisak Sakihama, who won a competition to provide a modern look, the notebook’s look was inspired by Okinawa sea and sky.

    The outer design and the software included just oozes creativity making it easier to create, design and edit videos, photos and music.

    The specs are unbelievable:

    15.6in 16:9 screen, up to 6GB of RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD Turion dual-core processor, ATI graphics and integrates webcam. All this for only ยฃ699 is an absolute bargain.

    I recommend you guys look into it!

  119. I’ve been a loyal HP buyer/user for years. I currently own 3 HP laptops – 1 business, 1 personal and 1 for my wife and an HP Photo printer. I am now in need of a new laptop for my daughter who will be entering college this next year and will certainly consider HP. Of course I would prefer to win the DV6t.

    I have also owned several iPaqs in the past and other HP printers.
    All the products I have purchased have been of high quality and, when support has been needed, it has been excellent.


  120. HP has improved so much through the years. Their products have become top notch and can give any competitor a run for it’s money.

    I would enjoy having an HP of my own one day.

  121. I have a six month old 16″ HP laptop. It is used for MS Office, Photoshop, Premier, email and browsing. The wireless allows me to use all over the house. I have even hooked it up to my HD TV to show some of my videos and photos. When I do that the remote is nice to have.

    I also have an HP 920 inkjet printer. I have had it for some time now. I considered upgrading it, but why? It still works great and does a nice job on papers and photos.

  122. i thank hp for opportunity they are giving to our community in general its realy assisting in growing and developing technologically.am proud of hp and there quality products.

  123. My very first computer was an HP. Before the internet was barely a whisper and my hard drive was smaller than the contents of a CD, I sported a 486/66 HP. Spent many hours playing Mist and learning to use Paint for my graphics needs. If it weren’t for that computer, I would not be where I am today. That isn’t anywhere all that special at the moment, but you just wait.

  124. I currently use a HP 1035NR and I have enjoyed the on the go feel of it. Out of all the netbook computers I have used, the HP by far has the most comfortable keyboard. The screen size is not terrible and it runs most of my on the go software I need. Kudos for HP on that one!

  125. Awesome of HP to make this offer! I’ve had a HP Pavilion dv1000t for over 4 years and it’s been awesome, great laptop with a lot of extras and beautiful design. But, with just 512 MB of RAM and a 100 GB hard drive, the newer, more memory intensive software out there is starting to slow it down a bit. I was laid off this spring (not a sob story, it’s actually been a blessing in many ways) and am going back to school. These days that means lots of video instruction (I’ve been using iTunes University quite a bit) and that means lots of memory requirements.
    I took a look at this system at the link in Chris’ post and found out HP is currently offering FREE upgrade to 4GB RAM and FREE upgrade to 320 GB hard drive! I would probably get the optional TV tuner too – study breaks!
    All in all, sweet system! I’d love to win it!

  126. I’ve had an HP inkjet printer for the last 7 years. Rock solid, never screwed up at all. Yeah, the carts are pricey but the reliability is awesome.

  127. Hewlitt Packard has always been the benchmark against which all laser printers are measured. My co-workers, through the years, have often asked my opion of what printers to purchase, both for themselves and for companies and I always recommend HP for any laser printer or laser plotter needs they may have.

  128. We’ve owned an HP Black and white laser printer a laserjet 2100 for years. That is probably the most reliable printer we’ve ever owned! It’s still just as heavily used by us as when we first purchased it years ago! a true testamen to HP’s great engineering!! The printer has seen a variety of Windows OSs and Windows PCs come and go at home, and a number of computers attach and unattach from it. Still, it remains our go-to printer! amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. This is an easy subject to talk about. I love HP Equipment – really!. We have had HP at work for a lot of years so when I bought my first new PC for my home I bought an HP scanjet scanner and an HP laser 5L laser printer (since HP equipment was such a workhorse at work). I bought both of them in February of 1996 and they are still running great. I use the printer daily (quite a bit) and the scanner regularly and have had no issues at all with either peripheral. Would love to add to my HP collection – maybe an HP Pavilion dv6t series laptop? ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. I purchased my Daughter a HP Pavilion dv6z series laptop and she adores it. I like HP because of their great service and support. Great Job again HP!

  131. I have five kids and we share one old computer. Winning a HP Pavilion DV6T laptop would really help with their studies, not to mention allowing me to have some computer time before midnight!

  132. I am a tax preparer. From the first time I saw a omplete return come off an HP laserjet in the ’80s, I knew I had to have one. HP has never let me down. I have owned an HP 1200 & 2015 and now also have a 1210 color laserjet . They are absolutely the best in the marketplace. I have also had several HP desktops, including my current one, an HP 1410. Over the years, I have taken advantage of HP’s warranty service and customer assistance directly connecting to my machine. They not only exhibit excellence in computer technology but they promote the best in customer dervice. Whenever I have a chance with my clients, I recommend HP.

  133. HP has always to be been associated with top of the line printers for home and work. HP was always the good stuff. If there was a HP printer and another printer the HP was always coveted for final printouts, and it’s resources on the network were often hidden by network admins for fear that no one would even use the other stuff if the HP were at hand.

    Then I remember the first time I saw the HP logo on a desktop. I thought it was a joke, that someone had taken the logo off the printer and put it on one of our other machines. But this was no joke and once again HP proved to be the good stuff. How did I know? It was the network admin’s machine.

  134. I have an HP J4680 wireless multifunction inkjet printer. It has worked flawlessly ever since I took it out of the box, maybe about a year now. The wireless connection was a breeze to set up, and the color quality is great!

    Thanks, HP!


  135. My very first PC was Windows XP with Compaq, HP, and an HP inkjet printer.
    While most people were furious with XP (being the new Windows at the time), I was clueless. Most people were still on Windows 98, 200, or Millinium? So, I cut my PC baby teeth on it.
    The HP staff were patient with me when I couldn’t get the printer installed. Turned out to be so simple, but they did not treat me like a moron. They took the time to listen to me instead of talking over me, or patronizing.
    Compatible accessories are easy to find most anywhere.
    My son picked up a used HP laptop a few months back. He used it for gaming. Added RAM, memory… and, it was a tough little machine.
    Another thing is registration. They don’t automatically connect with the HP site. I like having control over my machine, and being able to chose what I want to do with it, and where I want to go.

  136. HP has never really caught my attention in the Tech world until the HP TouchSmart came on market. I thought it was a very neat machine that I have always wanted to own but never had the chance to buy one of these machines. Although I’ve always wanted one, I bought myself a Compaq Presario made by HP and I love this machine. It works great for my streaming machine and things that I always have open. HP never caught my eye until the last year or so when their products started to become more top of the line in my book. HP went from being bad to great in the way I see Windows Computers. My dream of winning this laptop is great, but not everyone is a winner. So for all of you who are going to enter, my luck goes out to all of you!
    [email protected]

  137. I have the HDX notebook and I know how great they can be. My fav option on mine is the tv tuner. If it weren’t for the tuner, there would be a knock down, drag out with the hubby everytime our viewing pleasure’s don’t coincided. Another feature that’s well loved is the speaker system. With the bass booster built in the bottom, it is LOUD! Just those features alone is worth the weight. Which brings me to why I want this. I can take it with me. The HDX is very heavy. Might as well take a desktop with you. I need something I can take with me. Maybe I can take the one I win, maybe??

  138. I have had several HP printers and one old HP desktop.
    But right now I have two HP printers and I love the older one the best.
    Well that’s cause it’s on my pc and the newer one is on my husbands pc.
    So naturally I’d love mine the best!
    It’s an HP Photosmart 7660 & it rocks!
    Makes great prints when I want quality and when I want just fast low ink prints it spits them out FAST!!!
    It is easy to change settings usually and is not hard on ink at all-especially on the fast set low ink setting.

  139. My very first computer was a HP Pavilion and I miss her terribly. We grew up together through book reports and college papers, internet dates and emails, and extra hard drives in every available slot. Everything I know about computers I learned from her and I’m a better person for having known her. Her little gray face always smiled at me as I tapped her button to turn her on. The whirling sound at start-up always let me know good things were about to happen either on the net or writing in my word processor. Our relationship lasted ten years before I passed her on to our church but I look back to her fondly.


  140. I currently have a HP Pavilion a6700f that I use at home and I just love! I got it to scan in my analog life to a digital one. ie I am scanning all old pictures, videos, music, documents and old family films. this has all of the functionality that I want out of a computer but one. Portability! I was recently laid-off from work and about a year ago I had to get a new laptop. I wanted something small lightweight and full of features I had a HP dv6t laptop and it was GREAT! I miss it. I would love to buy one for myself but finances are allocated elsewhere at this time. I would love to be able to be connected again when I travel for interviews without having to use the hotel lobby computer and worry about safety of my info.

  141. I have to admit that I am a Dell person at home (to date) althought I use an HP 6200 tower machine and an HP 6910 notebook at work. Both machines are stable, responsive and a joy to work on, and althought I have had my :issues: with HP in the past, they are certainly winning me over just on the quality of their products. I am presently in the market for a new Desktop confirguration and will be looking long and hard at the new reviwers coming out on HP products

  142. I’ve always wanted to give an HP notebook a real try out. I have recommended HP products to clients in the past, but other than minor fixes, have never had the chance to really give one a test run.

    Until, now, for my own use, I have always built my own desktops. This would afford me the opportunity to test out an HP product and also a notebook in a long term.situation.

  143. I used to have an HP desktop, which was great–small form factor and fast (for its time). I actually turned it into a Linux box until I bought a newer used unit for Linux. I love their printers, too (of course) and used a laserjet 4m for about 12- 13 years. I’m looking at the deskjet in my office even as I type this.

  144. Unfortunately, the only HP laptop I’ve ever owned ending up being a victim of “heat stroke” and failed one day. I’m hoping if I win, they can change my perception of them. We have several HP units in the office, but I’m running a Dell for just that reason.

  145. i think this move will help pull hp ahead in the market. touchscreens as they progressive will allow users to have a more enjoyable experience…assuming thing such as the zooming, copy/paste,etc. are as user friendly as the iphone.
    some touch screens i have used were more of a novility than functional.

    K, bye

  146. I have three HP computers in my house. I bought a slimline for my kids in the upstairs hallway because of the small footprint and the great price. It runs Vista great. I’ve also got a Pavillion for my video editing machine in my den. And finally, I’ve got the MediaSmart Home Server that is taking care of all my backups and network storage.

    Oh, I almost forgot my DeskJet printer. So make that 4 HPs in my house…

    HP makes high-quality affordable products!


  147. When you think of big computer brands, one of the name the comes to you is HP. HP aka hewlett packard have a wide range of computer products like; laptops, keyboards and mice, monitors and more. They are also very generous as they are doing a giveaway on YouTube and the gave away various things at gnomedex 9.0. HP is the one of the best brands for computer products in the world.

    [email protected]

  148. I recently purchased a Compaq Presario CQ60-419WM Notebook PC. The cooling fan went out and I contacted their tech support. I received excellent help by email within hours on a weekend. They sent out a free pre-paid shipping box to send the unit back for repairs. Any computer will have occasional hardware issues, but the difference is how well HP supports their products.

  149. A couple of years ago, we used to build our own PCs for our staff, but we made the decision to go HP and we haven’t looked back. We are constantly amazed with the bang for the buck that we get with HP workstations.

  150. I have an HP desktop, and I’ve been reasonably happy with it.
    Plenty of options on the motherboard to upgrade, and the price was good when I bought it. Came with an LCD, and speakers (not all of them did at the time).

  151. I’m a college student going on my third year. I have used computers all my life in school but never owned one. As I’m writing this comment, I’m using my mobile phone. It would be nice to win a hp laptop. I use hp computers all the time in school, there great. Thanks Chris for tweeting this contest I might get luck and finally own a computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  152. Hey Chris & guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been using a HP PSC 750 printer/scanner/copier for about 5 years now. It’s great and good quality product.

    I’ve bought a second monitor for my laptop recently, a HP w1907. I’m happy to double my workspace at reasonable cost.

    I’ve recently seen their laptops in a couple of stores and I must say they look very good. Lets enter that contest! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ohhh.. gotta be US resident… fun… Could have mentioned it first? You know, that’s quite a big international community you have there?


  153. I have a hp pavilion which is the best laptop i have worked on for years , and also i have multiple hp products a printer a scanner a cam i love hp they r simple and reliable

  154. I have a HP Officejet Pro L7590 printer. It is absolutely fantastic. I previously had a HP 2600n Laser Jet. I thought I was going to miss the laser quality with the new L7590 but in fact the quality is almost equal. The wonderful thing about the L7590 is that is prints dual sided. This saves me a great deal on paper. The color ink cartridge system is extremely reasonable in price and last quite a while. I use the L7590 for my home business and the fax, scanner, copier, and print capabilities all work incredible well. It networks easily and I have multiple computers on a wireless network running Windows and Linux and all of them picked up with all-in-one capabilities of this printer without any additional driver downloads or formatting. All in all this is the best HP printer I have owned. Thanks for letting me share my information.

  155. My initial expereince with HP products was with the laserJet 2P. It was a workhorse of a printer and one of the first affordable personal laser printers. It was exciting to have and used it mainly for school purposes. I used it for at least 8 years without any issues at all even though faster printers came out. I am sure that it is still going now. I volunteer doing IT work at Compass Center in Seattle and they have a some Laserjet 4P’s for their transient housing clients. They were originally used in the business side and are still running flawlessly and were made in 1993. There are also some HP desktops that are over 8 years old that have never had issues. Just to say that quality products come from HP!

  156. I currently own three HP products. I have two laptops, a HP Pavilion dv6000 and Compaq Presario CQ 60 Notebooks. I just purchased the Presario and like the widescreen and the numeric keyboard. I also have their Photosmart 2610 all-in-one printer.

  157. So….I post here then? Sweet.

    I currently own to HP laptops, and I’m going to blame my luck for the quality of the products. There’s always something wrong with them when I get them. My first one the harddrive died after I turned in my last assignment. This second one the screen died after three months. But there is a reason I keep going back. Not only do they work well but if something as unexpected as the two issues mentioned above occurs their help desk was more than helpful to me. I got both computers fixed quickly. It’s amazing how simple it was. I call, they do their best to help and if they can’t they have me send it in, it gets fixed and I’m good to go.

    No I realize it’s a bit odd to enter a contest for an HP laptop, talking about HP when I’ve had so much trouble in the past. But honestly you can’t predict those things. I was just unfortunate enough to get those ones. But once they were fixed, they were fixed. Not another problem to be had. The laptops were great. And I’m once again in the market for a new one. And I can’t think of another company I’d rather go to.

  158. I had an HP desktop many years ago and didn’t care for it, but I do think they have come a long way in recent years. I’d like to give them another go.

  159. Hey Chris,

    Nice blog, this is actually my first comment on your blog.
    I like a lot your videos on youtube, great reviews.
    I’ve been looking to purchase a new notebook lately. This VAIO just doesn’t work for me anymore.
    I’ve been looking at some of the notebook manufacturers and I liked HP’s models a lot.
    A friend of mine owns an HP dv series, and it’s great. He had it for more than 3 years now, had no problems whatsoever with the notebook.
    The design is very nice too, as most hp’s are.
    I myself preffer the dv series (dv5 and dv6).
    I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about notebook manufacturers since I am interested into purchasing a new one, and I was probably going to go with HP. They have some pretty great deals too, and they’re not too expensive compared to some other brands. (I’m not very confortable with Acers or Dells since I had some bad experience with them in the past.)
    Anyways, take care and good luck to everybody!

  160. I can tell you about my HP printers since 1990! Bought my first laser printer then — the HP IIP. I never ran a business from my home — I bought a good printer because I wanted the same quality at home that I was used to in my office. As I upgraded, that IIP made it’s way through the family, and just finally quit working (19 years later) while my 85-year-old mother had it. I had replaced it for mysef in 1995 with the HP 4P for higher resolution (600 dpi). Around 1996 I bought a different brand inkjet — it was never satisfactory. Dumped it in 1998 for the HP 890C InkJet . Great color. In 2004 I added the HP 5150 Color Inkjet for a little more speed. In 2003 I strayed again with a different brand laser — which after the first toner cartridge was empty lost it’s clarity and my faith. I went back to my favorite and most reliable brand in 2007 when I purchased the HP 2015 (1200 dpi). Only last weekend I decided it was time for color laser, and purchased the HP Color LaserJet CP2025DN which I just love. I was even able to trade that HP IIP in at Staples when I bought the new one for a $50 rebate and free recycling! That printer just continued to give back! All of these printers are still in use (except the IIP) in my household of 4 computers and 5 printers. Yes, I probably have more than I need, but they are all working fine. No reason to quit using any of them. After a few missteps, I know I will never be lured into buying any other printer than HP ever again. When I started looking for color laser, there were sales people who tried to tempt me, but no amount of coaxing could persuade me to consider a different brand for one moment. I use my printers for family calendars, memory books for high school reunions, Christmas letters and tons more. I’m a female who has used computers and printers for nearly 25 years at jobs and at home, and I consider myself quite proficient. Many people have asked my advice over the years, and I always tell them to buy HP for their printers. Others might be cheaper, but in the long run, your best quality and your best bank for your buck will always be a Hewlett Packard printer.

  161. The only HP products I’ve ever owned were a few all in one printers and they always worked real well. Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  162. I have a few HP computers around here being used at home. They have never had any hardware failures even taking into there account of age.

    Except my Hp laptop finally bit the dust about 3 months ago. I bought it new 6 years ago and used it till the day it finally croaked. So I have been looking to replace it but with the money being so tight haven’t been able to.

    I will only buy HP computers.

  163. I have had an HP aio printer for over a year it is the best I’ve used yet; my son has used one for 3 years and it is also a winner !

  164. I have owned a HP desktop since 2001 and it still runs like a champ. It wont play most of my newer games but it still runs without any issues and my kids love it to learn how to keyboard and use the internet. I cannot say anything bad about HP since I have own several different brands of PC’s but the HP is the oldest and the one that still works without upgrades! Thanks HP!

  165. I’ve always been quite impressed with all of HPs line of products. Every printer I’ve ever owned was an HP. I also think that HP laptops are both stylish and powerful.

    Not only is there consumer products superb, but I work as a Microsoft lab engineer and we now exclusively use HP servers in our lab due to their rock solid hardware, easy to use updating software, and flexible configuration. HP just makes winning products.

  166. we own a HP Pavilion desktop that we had gotten about 3 years ago. We love it! We also got the extended warranty and only had to call customer service, when we first set up our Pavilion. Customer service was polite and helpful and answered our questions. Loved the remote access/help that they give.
    would love to own a HP laptop. Thanks so much for this chance.

  167. I have an HP A_IO color printer with wifi and sd card ports. It works really well and integrates with my software for scanning and editing perfectly.

  168. Although I have not had an HP machine I have talked to many that have and thay have been well satisfied. The new Touch Smart has gotten many great reviews and I would love to give on a spin. Lockergnome has spoken well of them.

  169. I currently havwe an HP desktop and HP all-in-one printer. But whqat I REALLY want – and need – is an HP laptop!

  170. I currently own an HP 9000 series laptop and it has served me well. I’ve had some hardware issues but HP tech support has taken care of them. I have the HDX16t on my wish list. Too bad they are excluded from the 30% coupon code. ๐Ÿ™

  171. I have a HP Inkjet printer now, which I use for printing school papers and reports. I use the Inkjet on a frequent basis and I have to say it never lets me down. One of my close friends has a HP desktop computer which she uses to play World of Warcraft on it, and it runs flawlessly.

  172. I got a new HP computer to replace my old HP of five+ years. I have the p6150t with a w1907 monitor. My old one was a Pavilion 512n. Over the years, I’ve had three HP printers (all-in-one), and I currently have the F4210.
    HP hasn’t done me wrong yet, so I’m glad to be a returning customer.

  173. I bought my father an HP Desktop years ago , he passed away and the system was returned to me . I used this system for a few years before upgrading the hard drive and ram and passing it on to a friend to whom has since passed it on to her son .The system is still working to this day!!! Keep up the good work HP !!!

  174. I would soooo love to win this-my home computer went to hell,and I’ve had my hrs. cut at work,so can’t afford to buy a new one right now-have been having to go to the public library to use their computers! Good luck to all!

  175. We are a 2 person (husband and wife) graphic design shop and we probably couldn’t exist without HP. Our very first piece of HP equipment was a Laserjet Series II many years ago. Our current lineup of HP stuff includes a 4 year old zv9000 laptop that desperately needs to be replaced, 2 xw8400 workstations, a laserjet 4000, a laserjet 3380, a designjet 3000cp (also needing to be replaced, but a workhorse nonetheless), and lastly a scanjet 8200.

    One other comment – I have seen lots of complaints about HP support, but my experience with them has always been great. From early days with them patiently walking me through my initial efforts at editing autoexec.bat and config.sys files to get the laserjet II to talk to the 386sx16 machine to the most recent experience when one of the memory slots on my wife’s xw8400 did not recognize the new ram in it. They were at our house the following evening (after 6:00pm) to install a new motherboard.

  176. I own an HP inkjet printer that works great – never jams. I would really love to own an HP computer too because I think they are very high quality – much better than Toshiba, Acer or Dell!

  177. I have owned and used a number of HP products before. The first home computer we ever had in my house was an HP desktop. It was very affordable and reliable. It lasted for 11 years (until I donated it to a recycling center because my family got newer HP computers), never needed any repair, and it did everything my family needed it to do. Almost all of my extended family uses HP computers. I even bought an iPaq a few years ago and loved it (until I got a phone that could also do the tasks I did on the iPaq). I tried switching to a Mac last year, but it’s been nothing but pure frustration and consistent problems. I am actually quite looking forward to switch back to HP the next time I buy a computer because they offer great, affordable products, and I’ve never had a single problem with any HP product I have ever owned!

  178. My current system is an HP Pavilion, HP LCD Monitor & HP All-In-One printer. Never had a problem. I think it is the best built system I have ever owned. When I need a new system, it will be HP.

  179. I’ve been using HP Products for over a decade – in fact, the desktop machine Im using right now is an HP Pavillion a6228x. HP has some of the best pc hardware out there, from laptops, to desktops, to mice, to printers, etc. They have the best value for the best quality.

    In fact, I have an HP Pavilion (I can’t remember the name of the model) that is about 10 or so years old. Believe it or not, the thing still runs like a charm!!! The only thing I got anything newer was because the new duo core technology in PC’s allow me to record music in a better fashion.

    I used to hype over Dell products, until my laptop died, and I saw many other people’s Dell machines die, mess up, or just perform poorly.

    I owned a Dell laptop that worked well for the first year, then it seems year 2, 3, and 4 of that laptops life…things just got exponentially worse.

    Anyway, right now, I own 2 HP Pavilion a6228x machines, one HP Deskjet printer/fax/scanner/coppier, about 4 hp keyboards and 3 mice, and the 10+ year old HP Pavilion Desktop and I have never been happier with any other brand of PC.

    I’m the family geek, and people are always asking me for recommendations and suggestions. When someone asks “Where can I get a good deal on a laptop?” I ALWAYS answer “Check out HP” or even link them off to a perfect item for them from the HP online store, and explain to them why HP is the best: they are reliable, high-end in performance, and will last you quite some time, so no matter what the cost, you’ll get your money’s worth.

    Thanks, HP, for putting out such amazing products!


  180. I have owned many HP systems over the years, and they are the best. I own macs, dells, compaqs, winbooks, iBMs, and lots more, but I always loved and will love my HP machines. My desktop computer is a Dell, so naturally its crashing lately, and I would love to have an HP to take its spot. The printers are amazing, and so are the scanners. All my life I used HP tech and I still do to this day. I would be honored to receive to own another HP to add to my collection. Thanks guys for the great computer, software, and tech support at HP.

  181. My friend just recently purchased an HP Pavilion DV6T for playing video games and doing college homework, it works like a charm, he let me try it out, the whole thing is stunning, the case has really cool decals, and the hardware works really well for gaming. I have been looking into getting a new laptop for school, HP is definitely one of my top choices for my next laptop. I also really like the look of the new HP netbooks, they are super portable, and amazing performance compared to other netbooks.

  182. I’ve been a fan of HP desktops and notebooks for a long time now. Anytime I have the opportunity to specify new equipment for work, I will go straight for the HP section every time. Using my HP 7600 desktop now, connected to my HP4250 printer. Would love to win the laptop!

  183. Never used an hp computer but I’ve got an old hp750xi printer I’m still using and it’s great. I’m sure the laptop is equally reliable. I would really like this to try some linux distros. I’ve always been a little leery about putting them on my primary desktop.

  184. I can’t say Hp was my first computer or my current, but I can say that I have many great memories because of one Hp in particular. I can’t remember the model off hand, but it was when cd-rom were just starting to appear in the pc. That Hp helped me and my friends through many days that were too cold or too hot to play outdoors. Instead we’d insert a few floppies load up doom and shoot through monsters for hours. If it wasn’t a game filling our time then it was a couple 12 yr olds trying to figure out dos by ourselves. I’m sure everyone has a few of those memories, Hp will always bring me back to mine.

  185. I have an HP a1023c affectionally known as “SPEED”. I’ve used this computer for several years now and can only describe it as a workhorse. I’ve set it up to run several VMware sessions running multiple servers (Windows 2008, Exchange, SharePoint). It downloads my favorite shows, backs up all of my wife’s photos, holds my entire ebook library, and still it seems it just asks for more. When we moved across country and all of our household goods were packed in a shipping container I still had to bring it with me in the van as we drove to our new home. I couldn’t be without it while I waited for the movers to come! I connect to the computer with the kids’ PC, my wife’s Mac, my Lenovo laptop (needing replacement), and my MacBook and it never complains. If I could have an army of HP a1023c’s I would. If the HP dv6t works as hard as my a1023c then I’d be set!

  186. HP is a top notch producer of hardware. I have 3 HP desktops, an HP OfficeJet All-in-one printer/copier/fax/scanner, and I have the grandaddy workhorse laser printers ever produced by HP – the HP IIP and IIP+. I believe they came out around 20 years ago but they do not quit. I have purchased old ones on eBay for my good neighbors and I have also purchased 4 additional ones for parts. I even went as far as buying out the inventory of a repairman for these printers. So, nothing can go wrong that I haven’t been able to fix. But, they hardly ever require maintenance and the laser toner cartridges are still available via eBay as well. I am a die-hard HP fan!!

    [email protected]

  187. We are big HP fans, we have a desktop and older almost on its last legs laptop, a printer and a digital camera.

  188. The first HP product I bought (that I can recall) was a 3.1 mp digital camera. Now I own a whole slew of HP stuff. My wireless all-in-one printer is probably my favorite. After explaining for years to my husband that my old printer wasn’t networkable, now I have one that is. He can print to it from his laptop to his heart’s content! I love that it has separate cartridges for each color of ink so I’m not wasting ink or having to print things in weird colors to use up the end of the color cartridge before replacing it. It’s even energy star rated. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I got my eldest son an HP laptop to take off to college and his brother is totally jealous about it. It has the cool fingerprint log-in, a huge screen and lots of RAM. It’s really a beautiful machine and, because it’s an HP, I know it will last him a long time. I could really use another HP laptop for my other son before he turns green permanently.

  189. I had an HP Pavilion that felt like an extended part of ME;my current non-HP does not! That speaks for me. I’ve always used an HP Officejet printer or All-in-One, with great results.

  190. i have an HP printer/fax/copier thingy. i love it. i havent had one problem. an HP computer would be great…well right now any computer would be great! thanx

    zippy573 (at) netscape (dot) net

  191. I use HP computers and love them. I was given a new laptop and still I prefer my good old trusty HP for all of my needs. I also use an HP all in one printer that is just incredible with the amount of work I use it for. I use it to print/copy/fax/scan and many more projects. HP is a very trustworthy brand and I would love to have another new HP to last me many more years. Sure would be nice if I get lucky and get to won this beauty.

  192. I have an HP all-in-one printer that I just couldn’t live without. I’ve used it at least twice a week for over 4 years without ever having anu problems. HP is my first choice in printers.

  193. I am actually planning on buying a new HP laptop pretty soon, so I hope I win. That would save me a ton of money. I love HP! It’s the only computer I trust. I have had an HP PC for about 5 years now. It is beginning to fall apart and I would love to own once of the touch screen laptops or PCs. Those are so great! *Fingers crossed*

  194. HP makes the best PCs, as far as I am concerned. I have one with Windows 95, one with Windows 98, one with Windows ME and two with Windows XP…I need a new one and a laptop would be great.

  195. What a happy coincidence, I am an all HP person. In my home office I have as my primary desktop an HP dc5750 that I purchased in February of this year. It was meant to replace a Pavilion a465c that I had owned for 5 years. But, once I cleaned up the old machine, I decided to install the Windows7 RC1 software on it, so it still remains as a test PC. I also have an HP 6730 laptop, and a 3 year old LJ 1022 printer.

    The laptop actually belongs to my employer. While I retired from full time employment several years ago, I work part-time for a local non-profit running a tax preparation program for them. Last fall, we received a grant to purchase new computer hardware for the program (we had been using a mixture of older donated equipment and loaners from the IRS). After doing research and due-diligence, I felt that we could get the best value from HP. As a result we purchased 8 dx2400 desktops, and 3 6730 laptops. We also added 2 LJ2055dn printers. One other significant factor for our choice was that WinXP was the recommended O/S for the software we used, and HP had a good selection of hardware with XP pre-loaded.

    My experience with HP goes back over 10 years to my working days at the old Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco. As an infrastructure IT manager, I purchased and installed about $3 million of HP equipment which we used to build an interface system between broker/dealers and our options trading system. I always felt that HP provided superior quality both in their hardware and support. And I continue to feel so today.

  196. My first laptop was an hp (presario 6000) and it lasted about three years. It was a server for half of its life, running constantly while I learned about web programming, spanning my time with .net to php. It also helped me during my science project, it ran a visual demo of the project while giving my presentation, which brought me all the way to the state level. I would defiantly love a new laptop, I need one for school most of all as many of my classes this year are computer related.

  197. HP has always been the standard for laser printers as long as I could remember using them always producing the best quality print outs. I own one of those all-in-one printers, and it also works really well, even for scanning and photo printing. It is always very easy to find supplies and parts if needed for their printers, even if they are out of date. I have worked with their desktops and laptops as well and found them to be pretty solid and durable.

  198. I have personally owned several HP LaserJet printers over the years, including the HP III, the IIIP, the 2300 and the 2015dn. (My first laser printer was a “Brand X” which was nothing but trouble). Also my experience at work with various heavy duty business LaserJets has been very positive.

    The HP Lasers have all done their jobs well, with excellent reliability. I always select HP laser printers based on my successful past experiences with them.

    Now I look forward to the opportunity to expand my enthusiasm for HP products if I win the HP Laptop offered in this contest.

  199. Ahhh… HP. The best PC’s out there! I have been working on a Compaq laptop for several years and it SUCKS! It’s slow and crashes once a day! And, I don’t have the money to buy a new one!

    However, my Mom’s HP laptop runs absolutely amazing! Therefore, I am saving up for an HP laptop that. I would save for a Mac, but that would take to long thanks to the price. As of right now I have only $75 in my HP fund.

    The point is, Winning this laptop would be one of the best things ever! I would never have to use my piece of @#$% ever again!

    [email protected]

  200. i’ve owned a variety of HP products.
    Aside from all our printers at work ๐Ÿ˜› …
    In addition to a desktop setup, my brother and I both have 17″ HP Pavillion laptops, those things were powerful and quick in their day…that was 5 years ago. He’s going to college now and needs a new laptop, we’re shopping around and are probably going to go with another HP but it would be nice to win one!

  201. HP products are awesome. I have had an HP desktop and currently using a HP printer. I have never had any issues with their products and their customer service has been top notch. It would be awesome to win the laptop. Keep up the great work Chris

  202. I’ve never owned an HP computer, but my preference for printers has always been for HP. I love using them. I tend to be brand loyal when I find a product I like and would enjoy trying out the laptop.

  203. I have always used HP printers. I even said to my uncle that he’d be better off using an HP printer. I was never dissatisfied of using HP products at all. I always turn to HP when it comes to printer needs. My mom has an HP netbook, and it works great.

  204. Right now I own an HP Compaq laptop. It does the trick but as I’m continuing to work with blogging more, I can use a laptop with more memory and speed. My daughter would be thrilled to get this laptop if I win.

  205. i have never owned a HP but i would love to.. I really need a new computer. My sister actually has one and she loves it. She never seems to have a problem! soo jealous!!

  206. Over the past 5 years, I have bought 5 HP computers. The oldest one is what I still use today and it runs Win 7 beautifully. Over the years, the only major component I changed out was 4 hdd. I wanted bigger ones. It even survived a fireball. I was cleaning out the case with compressed air and in a heres your signs moment, I used a lighter to see if there was any dust. The onboard LAN is the only thing that quit working after that.

    My wife has the newest computer, which has Vista and she has not had any problems except trying to get the kids off of it so she can get on it. The other two computers went their seperate ways. One fell on the floor when the cats decided to use it for a launching post. That jarred the PSU. The other one, the mother board decided to quit, so I took the launch pad tower and comgined the two to make one. My mother has the other one. Her’s is old as mine and she uses it still for her tax business.

    Eventually, I want to get a laptop. It is unbelievable that they have almost the same, if not more, features than a desktop setup. Shoot, I notice that netbooks can out do my desktop. The computers I have now that are operational, I can’t remember what my mom’s is, my wife’s is slimline 3220nx, I think. The kids is a HP 502 and mine is the trusty HP 763n.

  207. I’m really into computers and i really want a laptop because the only computer i have is a desktop and i really want a laptop because i’m really into testing new computers because i really like to try new computers and i don’t have a laptop so i really want one.

  208. I love HP. When I think about HP I think about quality. I have had HP Desktops, printers and scanners. They are a great company with a wonderful support team. I’m going to be getting a new computer next year and HP is at the top of my list.

  209. I’ve been looking around for a new laptop; reading reviews, checking features and prices, etc. My main limitation is my budget. I want more laptop than I can afford ;). HP has two of my top three choices so far. I know HP has a commitment to quality so if it’s a tossup, HP will get the nod.

  210. To be completely honest i haven’t ever owned any HP but i was watching the reviews for the HP Touchsmart computer and it blew my mind! The thought of having that kind of software on a laptop computer would be perfect. I’d love to win this HP!!

  211. I have had several HP printers. My current one is probably about 8 or 9 years old and still works perfectly! It’s only black and white, and doesn’t do photos or anything fancy. But like most HP products, it is quality and built to last.

  212. I have been a HP customer it being the only product I have bought. The customer service is fantastic for the amount of inquiries they must have. In the future there will need to be something breath taking for me to switch and as HP has continued to be the best there still will not be a better piece of equipment out there.

  213. I have an HP Printer! No sure if I ever didn’t have an HP Printer! Would love to win the new HP Laptop!!!

  214. I do not own any HP products but they have left a good impression on me. Every time I go to Best Buy I am glued to the TouchSmart they have sitting over there. I just can’t believe something that big is a touch screen! It is a work of art and it is “stupid” fast. The next time I save up some money for a new computer I will definitely look into getting one of these. But for now I have my Dell Dimension 4550 with the Pentium 4 Processor (not exactly great for school!).

  215. I have used many HP products over the years and I have bought 9 HP itams. 6 of those were computers including 3 laptops, 2 towers and a handheald. The other three were printers including one lazer printer, one inkjet and one all in one. Over all I have had very few problems with the computers. only one of the laptops have failed which was an nivindia problem. Over all i am very pleased with HP products. Great products!

  216. My last computer was a HP Pavilion DV9000 with a 17 inch screen and sweet video graphics. I watched more movies on that laptop than on my tv! Now I’m on a flimsy Toshiba that I’m worried is going to burn out any day–it was a good price at Best Buy but my old HP seemed like a much sturdier system even though my current laptop has a faster processor, etc than my old one. I’ve always been interested in the touchscreen concept and I hope that more get added to their lineup in the future. Well, back to work!

  217. My experience with HP products is limited to my trusty printer. Trusty is the operative word! HP is a brand I trust, and their computers are the first ones I look at when I’m browsing for new one for myself or for a family member. When my husband weighs in, it’s also always in favor of HP. This is a phenomenal giveaway. I would certainnly love to win this HP Laptop to complement the greatest printer we’ve ever had. It’s lasted through 3 kids/college, and 1 high schooler so far.

  218. I have had 2 HP scanners and they were both GREAT!!!
    I am using an ancient eMachines desktop now
    Always wanted an HP Laptop but funds limited

  219. I have been in college now for two years, and all I have been using is an HP, DV-6000. I love this machine.

    I can honestly say, I don’t believe there is another PC hardware developer who has better engineering, compared to HP. They build solid machines that last for years.

    Having a new HP would be nice. I was thinking about getting a new machine next year, but college expenses come first. I would love to travel abroad to Zurich, next year, and having a brand new HP with me at the time would be quite awesome.


  220. I was a Dell person for quite along time. I had bought a Dell studio 15 for my daughter and she had nothing but trouble with it. When she dropped it (hmmm wonder if it was on purpose) we did some extensive shopping and ended up with the HP Pavillion dv4. She loved the style and small footprint without it being a netbook. I couldn’t pry this laptop from her hands now. Works perfectly for her and she is glad we tried HP.

    This led to my wife looking at a new laptop also and we spotted a tremendous deal on the Hp HDX 16. Nice system! Love the sound and screen. Great dedicated graphics card and 64 bit. Extremely light and runs cool both of which I am quite surprised about. For the price we couldn’t touch anything similar and the wife is happy which is more important than anything.

    Perhaps soon in the future it will be my turn but for now at least the women in my family are happy and we all know how important that is to our mental health. lol

  221. I bought my first HP product in 1993 (HP II Plus Laser Jet printer) and just retired it last year. I replaced it with a wireless AIO printer. The laser jet was a great machine, but the AIO is awesome. When I am ready for a new PC, HP is going to get some serious looks.