Tech in Hawaii

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Traci was kind enough to interview Burt for me after my trip to Hawaii. Burt is a tech enthusiast of the first degree. His website tagline is “The Intersection of Life, Culture and Technology”. This just goes to show you how big tech is in Hawaii!

Burt currently works for the Hawaii Medical Services Institution. He’s in the group who is responsible for implementing new technologies that can help people collaborate better. They want to promote better communication between their members and providers.

Burt’s background has been with the Telecom industry, and feels fortunate to have seen the evolution with Telecom going from a monopoly to a huge conglomeration of businesses. He was happy to be a part of the movement to more portable and faster media devices.

Many people tend to think that Hawaii is nothing more than sun, fun and beaches. They are always surprised to learn how deeply entrenched in the tech world Hawaiians really are! Burt feels that more people should realize that Hawaii is a technology-minded state, and learn more about the things that are going on there in relation to tech.

Burt reminds us that while it’s important to do things online, it’s also equally (if not more so) important to do things out in “real” life. To this end, he has been hosting monthly lunches around Hawaii. These lunches include many Hawaiian Geeks, and travels between different companies each time. You can catch their monthly shows live at Hawaii Public Radio.

It was a very long flight to Hawaii. As a Geek, I needed to be able to bring certain tech gadgets and gizmos with me. Burt wants all of you to remember that one of the most important things you can bring with you to Hawaii is a good digital camera.

Now that Burt has told all of you what tech he packs when he travels, how does his list match up with yours? What gadgets, gizmos and technology do you have to pack when you travel?

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