Are YOU a Social Media Geek?

I’ve talked quite a lot about social media recently, with good cause… everyone is talking about it! It’s the hot new thing. Wait, no – that’s not right. Social media isn’t “new.” Why do people keep saying it is? The only thing that’s new is the name for it – Social Media. As I said in a video earlier, social media is simply a set of tools we can use to communicate. Heck, we’ve had tools to communicate online for years now. It’s just that today’s tools are so much easier to use, everyone can use them. You don’t have to be a hard-core geek anymore. You simply have to be able to get online, and type something somewhere.

It’s amazing and awesome to me to see the amount of people who are introduced to social media every day. The number of us who just seem to get it is growing faster than I can keep up with. There are those who scoff, claiming social media is a passing phase. HELLO! Where the hell do you get that idea? As I said – I’ve been immersed in social media for about 17 years now. How is that a passing phase?! Those are the people who don’t get it. They are the ones who don’t take understand the immeasurable ways that interacting with others online in this fashion can change their lives. They are the ones who are missing out.

So, I ask again – are YOU a social media geek? Do you get it? What IS social media to you, anyway – and how do you make it a part of your life?

You do know that I have a couple of social media-related sites, right? If you don’t, what rock have you been hiding under? Hopefully, you’re a member of Geeks, and follow what’s being posted on Lockergnome, as well. We certainly have a hell of a lot of people on those sites who GET social media. Why don’t you check us out?