Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard Review

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I’m sure you’re still laughing at my impression of a Snow Leopard, in honor of the newest release of Mac OS X. The upgrade is only $30.00, which is an excellent price. You should go out and get it right away, but I’m not sure if you’re ready to install it just yet.

The upgrade was painless. The trick to it is to take the disc out of the sleeve, put it in the drive, and click the Install button… and you’re done. From that point forward, it will show you if your applications are compatible or not.

Some people are saying that Snow Leopard is an awesome upgrade, and others don’t think so as much. I’d say right now, I’m seeing it split pretty evenly. I am enjoying some of the new features, such as Exchange integration on the desktop – it works flawlessly. I haven’t seen much of a speed increase, though. There are some nips and tucks around the operating system. The Finder has been completely re-written, which is awesome.

There are subtle changes, as well. I’m a little leary about putting it on all of my machines. Yes, it’s a great upgrade. The changes are incremental, but I’m not sure if all of my applications are going to be compatible, especially ones that I really need and use. So, I’m going to wait about a month of so to make sure all of my software is updated before I jump in.

What do you think of Snow Leopard? If you’ve installed it already, let me know your thoughts so far. If you have it but haven’t installed it yet – why are you waiting? I’m interested to hear about that, as well.

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