Windows Defender Problem

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Back when I hosted Call for Help, I spent a lot of time helping people with Windows issues. I love how much easier it is now that there is excellent software like GoToAssist, which allows me to connect remotely to someone else’s desktop. Today, I was able to help someone work through a Windows Defender problem!

GoToAssist allows you to help more people in less time, by cutting out travel time and costs. You can even handle routine maintenance and updates for your customers during the time their business is closed – right from your own home or office.

I love using GoToAssist because of the diagnostic report that I receive about the computer I’m connected to. It tells me the network connections, the processes running at the time, devices and default browser, and even the applications that are open at the time. It gives me a ton of information at the click of a button, without my having to waste time asking someone several questions. I have the answers immediately.

Zack was nice enough to let me connect to his computer, and asked for help with Windows Defender. I’m sure Zack could have figured out the problem on his own, but he was nice enough to allow me to control his desktop to showcase GoToAssist. According to Microsoft, the fix for his problem was easy enough – uninstall and reinstall Defender.

Connecting to someone’s computer is the fastest way for you to help them fix any problems you can think of on their machine. It’s so much faster to do this than to explain to them on the phone or even via an instant message! Check it out for yourself with the free 30 day trial!

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  1. I cannot sign into my Hotmail,it keeps saying someone may be using my p/word and to press help,then it says this service is temporarily unavailable

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