This is the Truly Universal Storage Adapter

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Your media reader may be able to handle many things, but can it handle an IDE drive – externally? Can it handle a SATA drive? A truly universal storage adapter is what you need, such as the NexStar Universal Storage Adapter.

This adapter provides the flexibility of connecting almost any type of storage device to your computer. Whether it is a hard drive, optical drive, SSD, IDE/SATA or a memory card, this adapter does it all. Easily backup, transfer, copy files from your new or old storage devices conveniently through a fully hot-swappable USB interface.

This definitely seems to be the adapter to beat. It is a 66-in-one reader, which is just insane to think about! It connects via simple USB device, making it even easier. Of course, if you need to connect a hard drive to it, there are proper power cords included to make that happen.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a new media-reader and/or to be able to connect a hard drive with ease… look no further than the Vantec NexStar Universal Storage Adapter!

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5 thoughts on “This is the Truly Universal Storage Adapter”

  1. These adapters are pretty slick i use them for just about everything that involves hard drives. However i do recall once trying to use one of these adapters with an IDE optical drive and got less then stellar results. anyone else have better luck? or how about a sata optical drive?

  2. I bought this a couple days ago. It might have trouble recognizing some laptop SATA drives if you are trying to hot-swap them, but if you reboot with the device attached it should recognize.

    Haha…on the box it says support for Windows and Mac…but I tried connecting this device to two running Windows and Mac machines (vista and osx 10.4 I think), and neither recognized the 2.5″ SATA drive I connected. I booted into Ubuntu and it recognized it right away when I connected it.

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