What’s Your Favorite Commercial?

With all the talk of the new Miscrosoft commercials in Europe and the Pre wanting to co-exist with the iPhone, I can’t help but thinking about commercials in general. What’s your favorite technology-related commercial on television? You do remember what TV is, right? Do you love that annoying (yet catchy) Comcast song? Or are you more inclined to watch the Dell laptop commercials over and over? Let’s hear your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Commercial?”

  1. Ugh, I hate those Dell “Lollipop” ads. They were okay the first time, but they’ve played it so much that it stopped being catchy, and started to be annoying. I prefer the “Mac vs PC” ads. They helped me to “discover” Apple, in a way, when they first premiered.

  2. I hate when I have to adjust the sound when commercials come on at uncomfortably loud levels. So a good idea would be for a tech product to slowly pan over smiling people doing everyday things using the products features showing resulting benefits. The commercial would have no sound transmitted at all. When it concluded the screen would show a shot of the company logo. If it didn’t have one it should have one there debuting for the first time with the company name. I’ve sold tech stuff for decades, often saying nothing unless the customer asked me something. When the customer wanted a dog and pony show I would oblige, but make a mockery of it and make them laugh. I went an entire day once without saying a single word and was later informed at a sales meeting, I broke a record. At the meeting I refused to speak until the end when management said to everyone that they should adapt my tactics. After about two hours I said, “What works for me, may not work for everybody. A large percentage of people detest mimes, a stroll through the “boardwalk” of Venice Beach will reveal.” There was a commercial for Gap clothing probably over a decade ago where they had teenagers singing ;individuals, couples, and collectively. It was probably a tribute to the famous Coke commercial in the 70’s “We’d like to teach the word to sing….”They assembled a very large number of young people from all over the word from many nationalities. It was an uplifting event for all who saw it it’s in our collective memories.The Gap commercial was not nearly as grand, but it’s intimacy warmed the hearts of many bringing them to tears, as I witnessed by people who saw the commercial for the first time and others who wrote letters to numerous media sources at the time. If your going to make noise in your commercial better make it worth hearing. These were holiday adds. Have a happy holiday.

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