Missing Sync for BlackBerry Review

When Traci told me that she was having issues with managing her BlackBerry, I suggested taking a look at the Missing Sync solution. While I’ve never owned a BlackBerry, I’ve been pretty impressed with what MarkSpace has done with their other products. Indeed, Traci gave ‘er a fair shake:

From installation to synchronization, Missing Sync 2.0.2 for BlackBerry has been easy to use, quick, and smooth.

Although sometimes a bit frustrating to read, the dialogue box provides frequent pertinent messages, as well as “suggestions.”

The automated Bluetooth sync (followed by an initial USB connection) is fabulous.

Not being able to sync email (nor get Research In Motion [RIM] updates) is not ideal, however, this is a powerful tool for syncing everything else that is important on the device.

As a BlackBerry user for three years, I can appreciate an easy and quick way to sync data between my device and computer.

When I decided to go bi-operating systems, using my Mac for most of my work, I relied on PocketMac for BlackBerry (still needing to sync using my PC to receive RIM updates). As what you may read on the Internet, PocketMac doesn’t offer an ideal synchronization experience.

After finally upgrading my BlackBerry 8700g to the Tour 9630, I was faced with the same dilemma.

Outlook spoiled me, and using Entourage has been comparable to using PocketMac. Do I use this as an excuse and opportunity to finally change my email client?

During an electronic dialogue with Chris, I explained my situation, and he offered me to try Missing Sync.

I thought it would be great to allow Missing Sync to help me with transitioning to Mac OS X’s built-in email client (I didn’t discuss my grandiose plans with Chris by the way).

My problem was my “skimming” rather than “reading” the directives. About everything else (calendar, call log, music, photos) synced with “success,” but my contacts. Attempts to synchronize contacts from my device with Mac Contacts yielded no apparent results. Call it late night scurrying. For some reason, looking at the option to override data seemed like another viable option.

Major whoopsie.

I wiped out data from my device and had a cute couple of contacts placed in my device from my Mac Contacts. Yeah.

After breaks away from the computer and device, I checked out other options and found I could sync with Entourage. I had to go through the process multiple times before my contact data was completely restored, but I didn’t mind.

I recommend Missing Sync with a disclaimer to “read” the directives. 🙂