How to Record Better Webcam Videos

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Have you ever seen those videos online where the subject looks fantastic? But behind them, you see an unmade bed, or laundry that isn’t clean? You have to be cognizant of everything in your video, including your background. Behind me happens to be a nylon green sheet that is surrounded by a wire that allows you to easily collapse it and carry it around.

A WebAround can help you keep the focus on the subject of the video, instead of what may be lurking behind you. The WebAround is a collapsible webcam back drop that was designed and built recognizing the need for more privacy in a busy environment. Users instantly feel more comfortable using a webcam in a public or private.

The WebAround works best when the webcam is close to you (or your subject), and not so great when it’s far away. It works very well if you care to block what’s behind you. If you take this out in public, you might get embarassed carrying it around, but that’s just me. There’s now no need to clean up your room before you start to record!

I found it easier to set the WebAround behind me. It even comes with instructions on how to smooth out the wrinkles. My suggestion to WebAround is to make a cloth version. The nylon will cast a shadow, and needs to be less translucent. Hopefully they’ll take heed, and come out with something even better!

The video I made to demonstrate the WebAround was shot using my Macbook Pro, which sits at very close range. It worked perfectly, which is all I could ask for. Thanks to the people at WebAround for sending me this to review!

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