The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

There’s an old saying in the Bible or some book that I don’t even remember for sure. It says “And the Geeks shall inherit the Earth”. A friend of mine argued with me the other night, claiming that it’s supposed to be the meek shall inherit the Earth. I beg to differ. I know what it says, thank you very much. We all know it’s pure fact that Geeks are taking over the World, and that we will one day rule inherit the World. Why haven’t you given in and joined us yet? You know you’re going to have to!

Seriously, being a Geek is an amazing thing. Geeks are not just computer guru’s, you know. A Geek is anyone who is passionate about something, whether it’s computers, motorcycles, or even gardening. Using this definition, it’s easier to imagine Geeks one day making a huge difference in this World of ours. What am I saying? We already have. Look at some of the strides in medicine, technology and science in just the past few years. There are an astounding number of new inventions, cures and gadgets on a daily basis.

If you could change the World somehow, make an impact so to speak, what would it be? Just imagine for a few moments that you have the brains/money/power to change any one thing. What would you do?

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10 thoughts on “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth”

  1. There is a line from the original Flight of the Phoenix: little men with the slide rules and computers… are going to inherit the earth

  2. I believe we were all born with an innate curiosity about the world around us. Sadly, contemporary education has given many people a negative view of “study”. Fortunately for our time, new methods are emerging on the web that rekindle the spark of exploration and discovery. I would be thrilled to play a part in nurturing this new life to fruition.

  3. I’m sorry, but as someone who is worried as to the direction the world is heading, it shall be the Meek, who inherit the earth.
    While there may be little left, after the machines, gadgets, power mongers rape and pillage it, what shall remain, after they are all gone, is what I shall inherit.
    What have those lovely gadgets done for mankind?
    We’re building the foundation of the Terminators.
    We’ve created social isolationism. ( ever read the Robot Cronicles, where the earth is larger due to the connection of the buildings, and people don’t even leave there homes anymore?)
    Togetherness means cell phones for the kids, and some family plan? What happened to Dinner together?
    We post the total of our life’s activities on some board? what happened to Diaries.? unzipped out fly and now are beginning to see the results. What if 2012 does bring about some destruction to the power grid and all these lovely gadgets no longer function?
    How will one eat?
    Heat one’s home?
    Pay for anything?
    Once the dust settles, and the fighting is over, and we’ve destroyed each other, it is the Meek who will inherit the Earth.

    What shall we put on your tomb stone??
    Here lies a Geek?

  4. There is nothing funny or clever about your mockery of Biblical Scripture. God will not be mocked. You’re not a geek. You are offensive. It will be interesting to hear how you answer to God.

  5. Jordon, you just a damned idiot. Your not happy with technology and gadgets…SO YOU POST ON AN INTERNET BLOG WITH A COMPUTER OR SMART PHONE?! Really do you see no irony there?

    And Linda, you just took this way too seriously and wrong. There is no mockery of the scripture here. He is simply using a little humor and pointing out that with technology that it is the brains who have come to power in modern civilization. A vast amount of folks making 6 figure incomes and running companies probably didnt get to college with a football scholarship. Maybe you took it wrong, maybe you always get this fired up anytime religion and comedy come within a mile of each other, who knows.

  6. no its the Greeks who shall inherit the earth and everything else starting with phi beta kappa then phi beta sigma and phi beta chi lol

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