What is the Best Camera?

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My first camera ever was an old Polaroid. I took instant snapshots, much like I did today to see if the camera still works. It indeed does! Does anyone other than me remember the Polaroid camera? Did you know that you can make your own Polaroid photo right online?

Poladroid is so simple to use, and the results are awesome. Download and install the application, then drag and drop your pictures in. It works in both Mac OS X and Windows, too! Turn any normal and boring photo into a Polaroid look-alike in seconds!

It even make the same noise that the old Polaroid cameras did as it’s processing. You’ll watch it develop in front of your eyes, which is a lot of fun. You can even grab ahold of the photo with your mouse and shake it around to make it develop faster. Okay – perhaps it won’t work any faster. But you know you’re going to shake it, right?

It looks nearly exactly the same as if you used a Polaroid camera. You can email your creations, print them, or add them to the official Poladroid Flickr Pool.

Taking a trip down memory lane is fun for many of us. Playing around with Polaroid-type photos is a bit of history, much like listening to that old favorite mix tape. New technologies are fun and make our lives a bit easier, but old-style methods of doing things can often remind us of a simpler time in life.

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