If you were to build the ultimate burger, what would be on it? I had a blast building mine – and eating it! Man, was that sucker messy. Counter Burger are a one-of-a-kind experience. When you walk in, you’re handed a clipboard with a ginormous list of ingredients on it. You choose whatever you want – as much as you want – on your burger. There are over 300 thousand different burger combinations, and they claim they rarely make the same burger in a day’s time.

Special thanks to @jlieu at @kahalamallctr – plus Ed Robles & Pablo Buckingham, who are two of the four @kahalacounter owners. Everybody was kind enough to accommodate and allow us to hold an impromptu tweetup there.

Left side, top to bottom:

Right side, top to bottom:

Yum yum! Tons of fun.