LOST Behind the Scenes

I’ve been in Hawaii for the past few days. My friend Traci lives here and has been taking me to see and do some pretty cool things. Today, I spent part of the day touring the LOST set at Kouloa Ranch, thanks to Hummer Tours.

A little interesting tidbit you might want to know: Traci (herself) appeared in a small supporting role on LOST (Season 4, episode 10) in the episode titled Something Nice Back Home. She played Jack’s receptionist, Jane. The part she played today, though, was as camerawoman for the videos we recorded.

This behind the scenes tour was completely not what I had expected. Pretty much every spot on the tour was absolutely gorgeous. I admit it – I had a heck of a lot of fun… even if I did have to be outside.

What’s MOST interesting about the production of this particular set of videos is that I uploaded them directly via my iPhone 3GS minutes after each recording. In this process, my audience (on YouTube, at least) was able to experience the tour through me near real-time. I could have streamed it live from my iPhone, but connectivity would have been in constant question while mobile in this area.

The Dharma Initiative Dock on Moli’i Pond was the first stop on our LOST tour. The location offers a true taste of Hollywood as a “mock building” is on the back part of the site which is great for pictures. This is a unique site that also has a pier that you can take photographs on or even rent a boat and cruise around the fish pond. Lastly, the site has a rustic pavilion that is close to the pier which can be decorated and used for weddings.

Cooper Battery is a World War II-era coastal defense gun battery at Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Both its exterior and its interior served as the entrance to the Tempest station in the series.

This episode of our Lost Tour series shows the beautiful backdrop that was a place where much violence occurred. This is the hill that Charlie was ultimately pushed down, as well as the bus.

Jughead was the name of the third episode in season 5 – and the name of the hydrogen bomb, as well. I won’t give away more details than this, in case you haven’t seen the show yet!

These are the famous “logs”, seen several different times throughout the show’s history. They first made their debut in season 2, and again in the infamous Jughead episode.

The final filming location for Lost takes us back to the Ka’a’awa Valley. Hurley’s golf course is located within the Ka’a’awa Valley quite close to the location where Dr. Alan Grant and the two children encounter a large herd of duckbills and hadrosaurs fleeing from a ferocious T-Rex in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

This isn’t just an old school. It’s also been the site of several different location shots during the filming of LOST. Most recently, on season 5, it served as a place supposedly in the Dominican Republic.