Peet’s Coffee in My Hawaii Hotel!

Peet's Coffee in my Hawaii Hotel

This trip keeps getting better with every passing minute. I can’t believe there’s a Peet’s in the Sheraton Waikiki. Thanks again to Hawaii Vacations for the connection (and @starwoodhawaii for officially helping bring Peet’s to Hawaii)!

The barista told me yesterday that Peet’s does plan on placing more stores around Hawaii – which is good. Was rather surprised to see they weren’t serving any Kona, though. Not like I’m going to complain with this hot cup of Gaia Organic Blend in hand!

It’s nice to have a little bit of “home” away from home, ya know? While I’ve taken a liking to Starbucks VIA (for its consistency and ease of brewing), you know how much I love Peet’s…

2 thoughts on “Peet’s Coffee in My Hawaii Hotel!”

  1. What? You’re next door to only one of the few places in the world that uses a Mistral machine (not to mention fresh local roasting) in the Honolulu Coffee Co., and what gets you excited is a nearby Peet’s chain store?

    That’s like going to St. Helena in the Napa wine country, overlooking the nearby French Laundry restaurant, but going ape crazy because you found a neighborhood Pizza Hut.

  2. ur site is good but u didnt mention that coffee is the #1 consumed fruit in the world from the coffee berry and the most widely abused drug as well so dont drink to much

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