Recharge Your Soul

Being able to recharge your soul – and your mind – is something that we take for granted. We tend to ignore doing this, even though we need it often. We don’t want to take time out to recharge, to relax and unwind. We’re busy, you know. We have deadlines. We have places to go, people to network with. There are emails to check, and social networks to keep up with. Who has time to recharge?

I am lucky to be spending the next few days in beautiful Hawaii with several friends. While this is a business trip, I know that I will also find plenty of time to relax and recharge my mind and soul. Just sitting in my hotel room, looking out at the amazing scenery will likely do the trick. I don’t see things like that out the windows of my office!!

Not taking time out each day to just breathe can affect your health, both emotionally and physically. Even if you only give yourself a half hour of “you” time every day, make sure you take it!

What do you do to recharge yourself? One thing I do is to read.