How to Taste Wine

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Wine tasting is an art for some people. They have very specific routines they go through prior to even sipping the wine. Once they take that sip, there are even more routines to follow before they actually swallow the wine. I don’t follow such a rigorous method… I just want to taste the wine already! Do you drink wine? Do you just open the bottle and drink it… or do you have to go through a routine to taste it?

There are four stages to wine tasting:

  • The appearance of the wine – how it looks.
  • How does it smell in the glass?
  • What sensations does it produce when held in your mouth?
  • What finish – or aftertaste – does it have?

These four things combine to establish the properties of a wine, such as the complexity, character and suitability for drinking.

I still don’t think I need to go through all of that. My method works just fine.

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One thought on “How to Taste Wine”

  1. Great article! One of the things I also look for is the alcohol
    content. The way I evaluate it is when I exhale after I swallow. If I feel a
    bit of a “sting”, it’s usually due to higher than expected alcohol content. The
    sting may also be noticeable in your nose when you first smell the wine, as


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