Zombie Movie

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Zombies can be pesky if you don’t handle them properly. It’s almost impossible to get rid of them once they infiltrate. The key is to never let them in your home to begin with. How can you protect yourself from their penetration into your life?

First of all, you really have to board up those doors and windows. Forget going outside, or letting anyone visit. You never know when the next knock will be one of them, as my brother Adam (excuse me – Alex) found out. Even a peephole in the door will not keep you safe. Things are not always as they appear!

Next, you’re going to want to get rid of all things that attract zombies. We’ve established they enjoy wearing your clothes, sleeping on your couch, and even eating your food. Throw out the furniture and the food. And of course, since you won’t be going anywhere, you won’t be needing those clothes.

You might want to wear a bunch of garlic around your neck. Wait, is that for zombies – or vampires? It doesn’t matter, I suppose. Garlic stinks badly enough to keep anything away from you.

What would you do if you knew a zombie wanted to come and spend time at your house? Would you let them in without question? How would you keep them out if they were an uninvited guest? Let’s hear your thoughts!

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