What Fuels You?

Traci asks: “What fuels you?”

I answer:

  1. In the morning, coffee.
  2. Reading email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  3. Installing new software.
  4. Experiencing laughter.
  5. Really good sushi.
  6. Sponsors and donations.
  7. Learning something new about myself.
  8. Getting new hardware / firmware.
  9. The desire to constantly forge a legacy.
  10. In the evening, the promise of tomorrow’s coffee.

So, what fuels YOU? Answer Traci via her Twitter account or her blog. Of course, she also recorded a video via her YouTube channel:

3 thoughts on “What Fuels You?”

  1. Exercise – nothing beats going for brisk run, cycle or swim to blow away the cobwebs & get the endorphins flowing to ensure a positive attitude for the rest of the day!

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