What’s Your Favorite Dessert?

What's Your Favorite Dessert?

I don’t have sweets every day, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pass up an opportunity to infuse my bloodstream with sugar. Everything is good in Moderation, they say – but I live in the state of Washington. Thanks to Michelle for snapping this photo!

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Dessert?”

  1. Gr8 pic! LOL

    I’d say cupcakes, but then I couldn’t say cake, nor cookies, nor pies, nor… I think you get it. I can’t pick a fave because I grew up in a family of small business owner bakers.

    Desserts made with organic ingredients and natural sweeteners take priority over processed desserts – if this helps picking any one dessert. BTW, I am a proud organic/natural sugar baker! 🙂

    Wait, you didn’t say what yours is!

  2. holy crap …. does that say 7.99 for the price or that cake ? omg is that for one piece? it looks like it says 7.99ech

  3. Without a doubt, Carrot Cake, the 1000-calorie piece, please. It’s cake, it has cream cheese frosting (for dairy), and with carrots and walnuts (vegetable, protein), it’s a complete meal. What’s not to like?


  4. A banana split with Midnight Chocolate ice cream on each end and Peanut Butter Chocolate in the middle. Sadly, the Ice Cream Club that served this delicious treat has gone out of business. I miss my Midnight Chocolate especially. It was the very best dark chocolate ice cream I have ever had.

  5. butter pecan frozen yogurt with caramel sauce and crushed butter finger candy bar mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. I like how you used the verb “infuse” instead of something like “fill”. It makes the whole idea of sweets in moderation much more contradicting 🙂

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