Top 10 Things to Do in Seattle

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Yes I am online, but I’m coming to you courtesy of my house in the Seattle area. I really am happy here. I love the weather, the people and the lifestyle. A member of our chatroom emailed me recently, asking about places to visit in Seattle. She and her family will be visiting here in November. I’m going to give my top ten places to go, but I challenge all of you who live (or have visited) here to submit your own recommendations, as well! Heck, why not tell us where you live – even if it’s not in Seattle – and share your favorite local places to go!

  • The Fremont Troll – This is a sculpture of a troll underneath a bridge! The Fremont troll has been lurking under the north end of the Aurora bridge since 1990. He was sculpted by four Seattle area artists for the Fremont Arts Council. The head-and-shoulders sculpture is 18-ft. tall. It’s really cool, I swear it!
  • Olympic Sculpture Park and Gas Works Park – Both of these places were former industrial areas that were turned into parks. They are both very neat places to visit, and you will enjoy hours of just relaxing and looking around.
  • The Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum – This place is definitely worth a visit. Experience Music Project is dedicated to the exploration of creativity and innovation in popular music. They have combined interpretive, hands-on activities with modern technology to give music a whole new experience. The Science Fiction Museum is the world’s first museum devoted to the thought-provoking ideas and experiences of science fiction.
  • XXX – This isn’t what you think it is! It’s the last historical root beer drive-in. They have classic car shows quite often. You can, of course, order yourself a (really yummy!) bite to eat, and a huge frosty root beer. This place is the home of the best patty melt I’ve ever had. LOVE THEM.
  • Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee’s Grave Sites – The graves are located in a beautiful cemetery, and their final resting place is just gorgeous. If you were ever a fan of either of these two men, you’ll not want to miss this.
  • Seattle Bug Safari – Seattle Bug Safari is a bug zoo and gift shop where Seattle tourists and kids-of-all-ages can experience the exotic, behind-the-scenes world of insects.
  • Argosy Harbor Cruise and Ride the Ducks – Both are great tours, and an absolute must-do when you visit.
  • The Original Starbucks in Pike Place Market – It’s worth visiting, if only to be able to say that you did.
  • The Seattle Asian Art Museum – There is a lot of culture to be found in this area, and most specifically in this museum. It’s a great way to spend a rainy day.
  • Seattle Museum of the Mysteries – This place is awesome! It’s a museum after my own heart, with exhibits about Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts and more!

As you can see, there are one heck of a lot of cool things to see and do in Seattle. You’ll likely want to visit the Space Needle, and it really is fun and interesting to do. But the places I listed are some of the more “non-mainstream” things you may just want to put on your list!

Now, it’s your turn… tell me the places you’ve loved to visit here in the past, or even what cool places I might enjoy seeing in your hometown.

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