4 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo Vs. LockerGnome Logos”

  1. I must say, depending on the shipping costs to the UK, I would almost definitely buy a Lockergnome Chris head! I love that logo and I even have it on my wall and the back of one of my laptops, Chris has seen the picture on Geeks, and think a BIG soft pillow of it would be awesome! It would be really good if you did it in multiple sizes though; as in a proper bed pillow size, a medium couch pillow and a small travel pillow. You should definitely look into the pillows and I really would think about buying into one. After all, I love pillows being a big comfort freak.
    Ollie Mallard =]

  2. Maybe just be careful about launching whole ranges like t-shirts, coffee mugs… those things that keep your drink cool (don’t remember what they’re called). Pillows are fun so there’s a little less room for confusion, and I’d actually use a coffee mug and would gamble on more Pirillo shirts walking around that Ubuntu ones, but the unfortunate trade off could end up to be the perception of arrogance even if it was done in a light-hearted spirit with no real profit margin.

    I’ve never actually seen anyone wear an Ubuntu shirt now that I think of it.

  3. i would buy one.

    and im sure a simple yes or now would have worked, and not that book he wrote. but its entertainingm though.

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