Gnomedex 2009 for $99?!

As you might know, my conference (Gnomedex) is headed into its 9th year, this August 20th – 22nd, having come a VERY long way since its inception. We just posted a Gnomedex FAQ a few minutes ago, too.

Would you like to register for Gnomedex? Awesome.

For Gnomedex, everybody loves the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle for a lot of reasons: unlimited munchies, unlimited drinks, relatively steady WiFi in recent years, relatively comfortable chairs, ample room to move around, lots of natural light, etc. It’s certainly one of the fancier venues in which to hold a tech conference – definitely NOT cheap.

Today, I’m announcing registration changes that should make Gnomedex more affordable (and accessible) for anybody who has always wanted to go. Ready for this?

  • Full Passes are now being lowered from $500 to $299 – effective immediately. This is a full-access pass, and includes a scrumptious lunch on-site, seating in the Bay Auditorium, and access to a power outlet or two.
  • Hall Passes (aka Half Passes) are being introduced at $179 for two days or $99 for a single day. This is a partial-access pass, and doesn’t include a scrumptious lunch on-site, doesn’t include seating in the Bay Auditorium, and doesn’t include guaranteed access to an electrical outlet.

Of course, if you’d rather have a cash refund for the difference – we can arrange that, too.

Why am I cutting prices? First, I realize the economy is hitting all of us hard – but that doesn’t mean we should be kept from enjoying a world-class venue (with plenty of amenities) together. Second, I want to open up the hallways to more people – the conversations there are always amazing. We’ll have run of the entire top floor at Bell Harbor! It was like that a couple of years ago when the economy was doing better, and it was awesome. It’s still a single-track conference, officially.

Now, if you’ve already registered for Gnomedex, you might care to pay attention:

  • If you purchased a ticket at $500 or $450, you have one of three options: (a) You can invite a guest into the Bay Auditorium with you! That’s insta-savings for them. Spouse? Friend? Family member? Boss? Co-worker? Colleague? It’s up to you. (b) You can receive a $200 credit for the next Gnomedex event; (c) You can have $200 of your ticket cost donated to DonorsChoose.
  • If you purchased a ticket at $350 or $400, you have one of four options: (a) You can spend $100 more to bring a guest into the Bay Auditorium with you; (b) You can receive a “Geek” Care Package TBD (worth ~$100); (c) You can receive a $100 credit for the next Gnomedex event; (d) You can have $100 of your ticket cost donated to DonorsChoose.

We wanna work with everybody this year, and you know that we’re gonna do what we can do to make sure you’re happy (with these changes, or the conference in general).

The hallway should be full of sponsors and participants, and the auxiliary rooms will have the live video feed piped in from the Bay Auditorium. If enough people sign up before too long, we’ll be able to accommodate an “unconference” to run in the same building as the official conference itself. Moreover, a couple of lucky hallway pass holders may be selected to present their ideas on the Bay Auditorium stage!

I’m really hoping to pack the place this year – and hope that the new pricing proves it. We’ll be announcing more sponsors, speakers, and partnerships very soon. Don’t let that stop you from registering, because YOU are 90% of what this conference is about.

Attendees, past or present, are more than welcome to join at any time. If you have any questions, please ask through this form.