Geek Pillows for your Home Furniture

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I was invited to tour the “world’s geekiest pillow factory” yesterday. Turns out, the creator only lives a few miles from me! If you’re looking for something to complete your home or home office, look no further. They’ll have something for every geek on your list! If you have your own Throwboys, let us know!

When I visited his home, Roberto had pillows all over his wall! He’s always been a big Mac fan, and decided to make the Mac line of pillows for his ex-girlfriend. She worked for a tech company, and tons of people started blogging about these pillows – everyone wanted one (or all of them!). Roberto’s modest website started getting so much traffic, that it kept crashing. Thus, a business was born.

You can buy the line of Mac pillows, or even the chat pillows! You’ll see pillows that say things like LOL, WTF and more! There’s also an RSS pillow that you and your family may enjoy. The entire process is still done in Roberto’s home, and each pillow is hand-made. They’re not mass produced in some factory, so you know that you’re getting a good-quality product.

You know you want these. You know you’re jealous that I have them sitting on my couch downstairs! Stop the madness, and grab some for yourself.

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