HP Color LaserJet CP2020 Review

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I bet you didn’t think I had more than one room in my home, did you? Let’s face it – all you ever see is my office! However, I shot this video in the “hub” of my home… the kitchen/den/open area. I don’t know how to properly describe it! Anyway, that’s where my new HP Color Laser Jet CP2020 sits. Since I have computers scattered all over the house, it makes sense to have my printer in a central location.

You’re likely going to want to buy one of these for yourself… if for no other reason than the fast double-sided printing on ONE page!! Yes, you read that correctly. I demonstrated this by choosing to print something directly from YouTube. You’ll notice that the page prints – and then goes back into the printer! How cool is that? I didn’t have to take the paper out and feed it back in. It didn’t pick up a second sheet. It just yanked that little sucker back in, and printed the second side. It was fast… and the quality is excellent!

The printer connects either via your home network, or by USB. This makes it easy for you to use it in any situation where you have a network with several printers. Why would you need a few cheaper printers that don’t work well in each office location, when you can have one AMAZING one connected to all the machines?

Check out the new HP CP2020. I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to fall in love just like I did!

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7 thoughts on “HP Color LaserJet CP2020 Review”

  1. Double-ided printing is not very new. The LaserJet I’m replacing has it, and I bought that around 2000. It’s called “duplex” printing, and it’s quickly becoming standard on a lot of printers.

    I almost bought an HP Color LaserJet last year but after reading some reviews found out that Lexmark had better printers for the same money. I would be interested to hear how this printer sizes up against similar Lexmark printers.

  2. The two sided printing isn’t new to color laser printers. My Samsung CLP-510 bought 4 years ago does that too. Granted it’s little bigger and louder by not much, but I love it.

  3. Does anyone know if toner cartridge chips from other HP cartridges will work in th CP2020 toner cartridges?

    Thank you, Jim

  4. The color is great, and two sides is very good, more noise than an inkjet, but laserjet so I look a bit more noise. It is in my office and not strong enough to interfere with business, when I have guests.

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