What’s Better Than Microsoft PowerPoint?

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Did you ever know how most presentations suck? It’s bad enough that people doing them tend to suck, as well. It’s not their fault, though. Most of the presentation software is just not that good. A good presentation shows pictures, and don’t have much text. The worst ones to watch are where the speaker just reads every word from the slides! They drive me nuts! What do you use to create presentations? Tell me you aren’t using desktop software! Adobe has thrown their hat into the ring. They have a basic, online office suite and a new presentation software!

Acrobat Presentations is excellent. You have tons of options. Best of all, of course, is the ability using an online platform gives you to easily collaborate with others. When you create a presentation with desktop software, it’s very difficult to allow multiple people to work together on it. Using Presentations, it’s a simple process.

Presentations is a better way to create, edit, and share presentations with others online. Built on the Adobe Flash platform, Presentations looks and behaves like a desktop presentation application – but operates inside a web browser.

It’s free, and cross-platform. There’s no reason to not try it!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Better Than Microsoft PowerPoint?”

  1. This claim that a good PowerPoint presentation should be all words is made by people who don’t give much in the way of highly technical presentations. Put your PowerPoint where your mouth is and show us a presentation of of a proof of a non-trivial mathematical theorem, or a presentation of a non-trivial C++ program.

  2. Well, it really all depends on the context of how PowerPoint is being used. For lightweight use, pictures and such are fine and the speaker should basically just ad lib. But if I am teaching a class on configuring security parameters on a firewall, then the details MUST be shown up there and I MUST go over them verbatim and then some because of the importance of being exact and complete for it to be of value to the watchers in the crowd. For that PowerPoint is perfectly suited. What may be boring is the material itself (sometimes), or the presenter himself (usually). For that, PP can’t overcome, nor can any other presentation package.

  3. You might find my rants at penmachine.com/powerpoint informative. My general message is that a presentation should work without any slides, and that any visual accompaniment should be (a) a bonus, and (b) not duplicate what you’re saying. The worst thing to do is have a bunch of bullet points on screen and read them. The software you use is largely irrelevant to that.

  4. I remember a while ago that you talked about another alternative to Powerpoint…. I believe it was called 360 slide or something like that. I thought that was a fantastic alternative to other presentation software that’s available.

  5. Technology is having a way of bogging us down unnecessarily. I have seen so many sing song boring PowerPoint presentations in expensive hotel ballrooms that I puke on the rubber chicken being served. ( I’ve learned to get out of the latter feigning I’m vegetarian, to get something freshly edible) I talked next to a woman saying ” I think there are some eight year old out there that are not only more adept at the task at hand, but could run circles around presentations with elementary school supplies, knowing how and when to use them along with when and how to use PowerPoint.” As it turns out the person I was talking to was a CEO of a Fortune 500. She has literally taken her daughter to board meetings and she is on the payroll as a part time employee, saving her company countless hours of boredom and dollars. I told her that child labor laws might preclude her daughter from doing the hotel junket thing fortunately not having to endure the endearing rubber chicken. She is now reevaluating her entire meetings finding they are not cost effective and some don’t even need to be done at all that teleconferencing is the wave of the future. Sorry hotels and airlines, you’ve been let go. I had to exchange two sets of shoe laces for shoes whose eyelets differed from each other, a transaction that should have not taken over a half hour. It did, and I have the requisite parking ticket that cancelled out the price paid for one pair of shoes all in the name of “faster’ technology. “All I ever learned was in Kindergarten.”

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