What’s the Best iPod Speaker?

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The music sounds great, doesn’t it? You’d never guess I’m listening to my iPhone, using external speakers, would you? The sound is very rich and deep. I was using Pandora to choose what to listen to, by the way. Those speakers kick, don’t they? The LiveSpeakrs were designed for the iPod or iPhone, but they’ll work with any device that has an audio out jack.

You can use the LiveSpeakrs in either portrait or landscape mode. They easily spin around to work with your audio device, no matter what way you are holding it. There’s also a nice little stand on the back, so that you can set them on your desk and listen while surfind the web or doing your work.

You won’t regret grabbing a pair of these for yourself. The sound quality is just excellent, and they’re very portable. You can throw them in your carryon when you travel, or into your laptop bag when you’re on the go during the daytime. Never suffer from bad quality sound again! Of course, I’ll be using mine frequently! You’ll see them in upcoming videos when I am demonstrating anything that has sound to it on my iPhone.

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