12 thoughts on “Google Hates Apple”

  1. Not surprising because they don’t index the “*”,”,”,”(“, “)” etc either. Those are special characters and I don’t believe any search engines would index those because alone because how do you put weight on the ( alone for every site indexed?

  2. Personally, I have been boycotting anything google unless absolutely nescessarry. Just like Target stores but that is another story.
    I switched to Win7 to do my part and because I had been trying to get away without buying an OS for my homebuild system and got caught using 1 Xp home on 2 machines so I needed an operating system fast and cheap.
    Much to my surprise, google is so firmly entrenched in Win7 that I gave up trying to remove the toolbar and added features.
    What I find extremely interesting about an ad based browser…oops, I meant to say helper object., is that if you are not sure how to spell the official kmart website URL and use google to look it up you get directed to Walmart first.

  3. “This doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things…” and yet, it’s enough for you to title it with such a bold statement such as “Google hates Apple?”

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